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"George is an all around something or other. He is a goat, but only in such unimportant things as academics. He is quite an athlete, but he can sit down and rest without being a "key jangler." He can converse, but he can also keep still when silence is in order. He can be serious, but not any more often than is necessary. He is near enough correct to keep reverses out of the room, but near enough incorrect to make living with him comfortable. He'll ask for advice when he needs it, and give it freely when asked for it (and not give it too often when he's not asked.) All in all, he has added a lot to our stay at West Point."


Brigadier George M. Jones was widely known as ''The Warden'' during a good deal of his career in the service of the United States. Throughout that time only a few people knew the real reason for his having picked up this peculiar title.  Some people have said that he served in the Military Police.  Since that branch was involved with the command of stockades where prisoners were incarcerated under a warden they assumed that is where he picked up the title. Discussions with the General in his later life, before he died in December 1997, confirmed he was, very well, aware of where the title really originated. Having been one of the ''Wardees'' of the Warden, Don Abbott is one of a select group of veterans of the 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment who know first hand about the incident where "The Warden" picked  up his title.