3 August 1945



The password for 031800 thru 040800 is: SMALL-GIRL.


Situation report: Delayed at 021740I (15.9-30.00) "F" Co accounted for four (4) unarmed enemy. Physical condition and clothing - poor.

Dog No report received on patrol # 12 at 031100I (16.35-29.7)       1 sqd Lt Warren investigating a civilian report of seven (7) enemy, killed three (3) enemy armed with two (2) rusty rifles which were destroyed. Patrol returned at 031600I. Physical condition and clothing in very poor shape.

Easy Co - No report received from patrol no 13 at close of period.

Fox - No communications with company at close of period.


1730 Operations for 4 Aug 45    

Dog- Patrol #12 will continue on mission.

Easy Co patrol no 13 will continue on present mission 7

Fox will continue on present mission."

"The 1st plt under Lt. Mara, and the 2nd plt under Lt. Ward and one section of MG under Lt Pomeroy left Bugang to patrol the Camao Valley area. The two platoons set up a bivouac area and based operations in the central part of Camao Valley. No enemy contacted."



2 Aug 45: "First platoon recon patrol went up trail about 2 mi. east of company perimeter & reported killing one enemy soldier & burning twenty shacks. Second pla­toon reconed trail 2 mi. northwest of company perimeter & reported enemy soldiers buried in bomb craters. Burned 21 shacks before returning. Third platoon sent patrol to Malapasoc with wounded and injured personnel. No communications with battalion as yet. Fourth platoon sent patrol to Maparo river to escort radio men to company CP, returned at 1800 hr. after radio party did not arrive, company resupplied by air at 1600."