4 August 1945



The password for 041800I thru 050800I is: ROLLING-HILLS.


1600 Hq Co, the Bn Cp, and Dog Co moved to Malapasoc. Now the whole Bn is set up in Malapasoc and plans have it that "A" Battery of the 462d Prcgt FA will move 6 Aug 45.


1900 Situation report at 031750I

1 sqd from Dog Co investigating civilian report of four Japs in vic of (16.6-29.7). Patrol believed they killed two (2) but due to thick and coming darkness they returned (031900I). At 031600I (15.9-30.0) Fox Co accounted for six (6) unarmed enemy. Physical condition and clothing - fair.

Dog- Patrol #12 reported being fired on by enemy in vic of (16.05-28.8). No E.K.I.A.'s reported.

Easy- Nil report rec'd from patrol #13 in regards to enemy activity.

Fox- At 141000I in vic (15.1-29.7) a squad from "E" Killed two (2) enemy, captured two (2) rusty rifles which were destroyed. Phusical condition and clothing poor.    




Oper. for 5 Jul

Dog- Ptrl #12 will continue on mission.

Easy #13 will continue on mission.

Fox-will continue on mission.



"The 1st plt and second plt left bivouac area and moved S thru Camao Valley. At 1400 the patrol was fired on by an estimated number of 5 enemy. The patrol returned the fire and advanced on enemy position but the Japs has evacuated the area. No further enemy contacts were made. The remainder of the Co. went to Malapasoc and started cleaning up the co. area."



"First platoon patrol left company CP at 0800 hr. Pro­ceeded NE of company position encountering 3 enemy & killed same. Second platoon proceeded W. of company area, encountering 3 enemy & killing 2. Third platoon escorted car­rying party to company CP enroute, killing one enemy soldier. Company moved 200 yds. to new bivouac area."