5 August 1945



The password for 051800I thru 08001 is: HOLLOW-BILL.


Situation report: Delayed - companies in field that received aerial resupply 4th Aug reported 75% loss on ten in one due to absence of chute.

Dog - Patrol #12 burned 20-30 vacant shacks in vicinity of (16.05-28.8). Nil enemy activity.

Easy - Patrol #13 patrolled two (2) miles south and NE of their position. Reported no signs of enemy or recent occupation of same.

Fox - Nil activity morning of 5 Aug. No communication in afternoon.



All companies that were patrolling on August 4th and received aerial resupply reported a 70 to 80 % loss on ten in one rations dropped.


Operations for 6th Aug

Dog- Patrol #12 continue on mission in Camao Valley. Remainder of company will stand by at Malapasoc on call for investigation of civilian report.                

Easy Co - Patrol #13 Lt Presher will move up to Fox Co position (15.9-30.0) and releive "F" Co. Then Patrol #13 will patrol San Tiago 07 Aug and stay one night returning to (15.9-30.0) 8th Aug. On 9th Aug, patrol will prepare to return to Malapasoc. Remainder of company will stand by for patrol three (3) kilometers SE of Malapasoc.

Fox - At 0830 "F" Co will start return trip to Malapasoc. They will leave 15 men as rear guard until relieved by Easy Co Patrol #13."



"the 1st plt moved SW to investigate suspected Jap bivouac area. No enemy were contacted but the patrol burned 24 shacks.The patrol was resupplied by air at 1700. The remainder of the Co. set up camp at Malapasoc."



"First platoon sent patrol to Malapasoc escorting Major Padgett & sick personnel. Second platoon sent to recon trail net 2 mi. E. of company C area, reported no enemy activity. Third platoon patrol to Malapasoc reported back to company CP with radio party at 1600 hr."