6 August 1945




"The password for 061800I thru 070800I is: YELLOW-FELLOW.




In answer to your message (Regt'l S-3) in regards to Formosan propaganda team they are operating with patrol #12.


D,E,F,Hq, & Bn CP are now set up in Malapasoc (16.2-29.55). Able Btry. set up in Dianay (16.6-30.2).




1635 Situation report:

Dog- Patrol #12 Lt Mara patrolled radius of two (2) miles N,S, & E of his C.P. (16.05-28.8) Burned numerous shacks.Nil enemy observed.

Easy Co -Patrol #13 moved over to Fox Co position at (15.9-30.0)

Fox- Delayed. At 051400I (15.9-30.0) six (6) unarmed enemy killed. Physical & clothing condition - poor. Fox Co arrived at their base camp in Malapasoc at 061500I.


1800 Operations for 7th Aug.

Dog - Patrol #12 return to Malapaoc. Twelve (12) man patrol to escort Mr. West up to end of rail line, will leave 0800I.

Easy- patrol #13 to recon vic of (15.9-30.0).

Fox- To rest and build camp. One (1) platoon to be alerted for possible move to Fabrica to counter Jap threat there."



"The 1st and 2nd ply patrolled the Camao area but no enemy contacted."



"Company moved out at 0900 hr. for Malapasoc arriving at 1400 hr intact. Nc enemy activity."