7 August 1945




The password for 061800I thru 070800I is:


Fox Co plat was told to sit tight and await further orders on move to Fabrica.


1500 Dog - Lt Mara, patrol #12 returned to Malapasoc at 071000I. Nil enemy contacted on return trip.

Easy- Patrol #13 had nil activity for period patrolled two (2) mile radius.

Fox- Resting and building camp. "A: Btry: moved to Malapasoc.

Operations for the 8th Aug.

Dog- stand by to investigate civilian reports.

Easy-Patrol #13 Lt Presher to continue on mission.

Fox- To continue resting and build­ing camp area.


2108 Lt Lang of "D" Co with 1 plat and one (1) LMG section attached will leave Malapasoc at 087000I to investigate a reported one (1) hundred Japs at Dianay Bridge. (16.25-20.25). Tanon Strait, Formosan team will accompany patrol."



"The 1st Plt returned to Malapasoc and joined rest of company."