8 August 1945




Requested aerial resupply for E & Dog Co patrol on 10 Aug.


0845 Sent message to Regt CO stating Red Dog reports Bago area cleared of enemy.


[Note: Capt William E. LaVanchure's nickname was Red Dog].



Request sent in to make Lt Kistler CO of Fox Co.


1630 Situation report: Dog- At 0830 company moved out to {15.9-30.0) on six (6) day patrol. Nil activity to date. Easy- At 0830I E moved out on six (6) day patrol. At close of period Ptrl had reached (16.0-28.8). Nil activity. Fox- Stood by to investigate civilian reports.



1640 Dog and Easy patrol will continue on six (6) day patrol. Fox Co- will remain on alert to investigate civilian reports.



The password for 091800I thru 100800I is: ROLL-BALL.



1830 Had two (2) casualties. One Filipino was KIA and Prowse, Allen R. Pvt Fox Co 39050144- W.I.A. GS wound."