9 August 1945



"0800- Lt. Col Lawrie assumes command of RCT per GO #29. 9 Aug 45."


"The Co. led by Lt. Stover left the Co. area at 0830 on three to six day patrol into Bago area. No enemy contacted."

[Note: Apparently Red Dog's announcement went unnoticed].


"Entire Co. minus 2nd plat. six day patrol to Kamao. Contacted enemy 8/10/45- Five enemy K.I.A.- one man slightly AIA. Patrols continued in Kamao-"



F Company History

"Capt. LaVanchure relieved of command & First Lt. Samuel Kiltles assumes command." .


Now "D" and "F" Companies have new Stateside commanders. Only "E" Company,  of the 2d Battalion rifle companies, has one of the old - Joe Whitson