10 August 1945





"Col Jones leaves for States on TDY."

The old regiment is now gone. Our commander is gone. At times we might have cussed him, but he was our commander, and he was never far away. Now............... ?"



Dog - Set up in vic (15.9-30.0) awaiting aerial drop. Nil enemy contact at close of period.      

Easy - At 101100I in vic of (16.05-28.4) "E" Co ran into     sniper fire on trail entering valley. Company withdrew, laid in mortar fire and then made an attack (1 plat Lt West) on position estimated to hold twenty (20) Japs. Patrol killed five (5) enemy and knocked out onr (1) LMG. The KIAs were in good physical condition and clothing was good. Enemy had dug in positions and C.O. said they were determined to fight. Company set up perimeter approx 100 yds from Jap position tonight.

Fox - Two (2) sqd patrols one (1) to Dog patrol, other to E ptrl were dispatched from this headquarters at 101300I and will return 11 Aug 45.

A Batry moved to Fabrica.


Operations for 11 Aug:

Dog - 1 plat from (15.9-30.0) will patrol SW. Rest of company will patrol NW of Himugaan.

Easy - will launch dawn attack on enemy positions at (16.05-28.4).

Fox - Two (2) courier patrols will return. Rest of company standing by to investigate civilian reports.


The password for 101800I thru 110800I is: HELL'S-BELL'S.



Sent message to regt in regards to aerial resupply drop. Easy Company drop was commendable but Dog Co drop was landed in Bn. area at Malapasoc.


"The Co. bivouac area and drop zone were located and the 1st plt under Lt. Mara moved out to patrol the south bank of the Himtican River. No enemy were contacted. The 3rd plt. under Lt. Lange moved to locate new bivouac area for company. No enemy were contacted."

E Company will have no entry until 14 Aug.


F Company will have no entry until 13 Aug.