11 August 1945




Password for 111800T thru 120800I is: WILD-BILL.


Situation report -

Dog - One (1) plat is set up at (15.9-30.0) patrolled three (3) miles down - Hampticon River. Nil activity. No radio contact with Dog Company.

Easy - Company is now set up at (15.7-28.35) Platoon patrol sent S. and W. reported no trail to Bago River. Nil enemy contacted. Company contacted no Nips on morning's mission.        

Fox - Nil activity.


Oper for 12 Aug 45.

Dog - will receive aerial drop. Company will continue on mission

Easy - Patrol will receive resupply. Patrol will continue on mission.

Fox - Nil activity.

"The 2nd plt under Lt. Ward moved S to patrol trail net leading to Bago River. The remainder of the Co. under Lt. Stover crossed Himican river and moved NE with the mission of contacting 2nd Bn. 53rd Filipino Regt which was moving S along Himagaan River. One Nip was sighted but escaped our fire. Co set up perimeter 500 yds N of Himitican River. The 2nd platoon returned to their former perimeter."