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APRIL 1944



1 APRIL 1944


      "The regiment is again alerted." 





5 APRIL 1944



"Embarked from Breta (Bretts) Wharf, Brisbane on the USAT Sea Cat."



 "We were transported to Bretts Wharf in Brisbane where we were embarked upon the USAT SEA CAT. After the 'Walker' this was a luxury liner. With beds and sheets in a ship built to transport troops, good food, showers, mess stewards, man, this was living. It beat the 'West Point.' The 'Sea Cat' served three meals a day. The only distraction was the Merchant Marine crew and their propensity to strike when anything displeased them. For instance the bathing was stopped half a day because the fresh water distillers were shut down. The crew that operated them was displeased over something and struck for three hours. Those who obey orders do not take kindly to such liberties. There was a war going on, and they resented highly paid civilians putting their interest first. We waited in Brisbane until 7 April,  when we sailed in a northerly direction, destination unknown." 




7 APRIL 1944


The unit sailed from Bretts Wharf, Brisbane aboard the USAT “Sea Cat”, in a northerly direction, destination unknown.

The “Sea Cat” stopped at Townsville, Cairns, Port Moresby, Milne Bay, and finally dropped anchor at Oro Bay, New Guinea.  The battalion debarked and was transported in ducks from the ship’s gangway direct to the battalion area at Cape Sudest.” 


The regiment travelled on two ships. The newly arrived 462nd PA and Co. C, 161st PE had just arrived at Camp Cable and would not join the 503d until after the Noemfoor operation.





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11 APRIL 1944


Arrived at Port Moresby Harbor 1600 hr left 1700 hr.


[Second Echelon] arrived Port Moresby and left at 1500 hr;



12 APRIL 1944


Anchored at Milne Bay 1700 hr and left 1700 hr 13 April, 1944.



13 APRIL 1944


Disembarked at Dobodura (Oro Bay), New Guinea.



Unloading at Oro Bay was via Army DUKW's.




14 APRIL 1944


Co arrived and disembarked at Oro Bay, New Guinea.  The company moved to Cape Sudest area to set up camp.


“After less than 2 months in Brisbane with its good food, beer, and social activities, strenuous training, the battalion was again returned top physical and mental capabilities."

First echelon arrived Oro Bay, New Guinea at 0730; distance travelled 2000 miles;



15 APRIL 1944


[First Echelon] Debarked in "Ducks" and proceeded to camp site at Oro Bay.





18 APRIL 1944


  [Second Echelon] arrived Oro Bay.


Strength: Officers 173; Enlisted Men 2347.







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