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25  FEB to 3 MARCH 1945


25 FEBRUARY 1945




26 FEBRUARY 1945




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28 FEBRUARY 1945



1 MARCH 1945




2 MARCH 1945




3 MARCH 1945



#183   1800

All units patrolled during the day. 1st Bn Co B killed 29 Japs in vicinity of Morrison point. 2nd Bn still having trouble at Wheeler Point.   3rd Bn killed 9 Japs on East end of Island & 151st Inf Bn. killed unknown number of enemy at Engr. Point. Air strike continued on Caballo. In general the situation is easy except for a few Japs in bad physical shape. Maj Clark visited Navy destroyers that gave us excellent cooperation and close support during operation.



Our own mortar fire about the only activity during the nite. Strain on our troops being lifted and very noticeable."



The past two days have been uneventful. There have been the usual duties as around any place after a campaign - everyone trying to rest up. Some little patrols have gone out with not much results.

The air corps has been giving Caballo Island a going over.  It's estimated there are 500 Nips on Caballo.

Yesterday Gens. MacArthur, Kruger (sic), Kenny, Hall, and numerous others were here. They inspected the island and were present at the ceremony of flag raising on the parade ground. General Mac had only compliments for our outfit (saying he was citing it) and presented Col. Jones with the D.S.C. We hear that we're to move out in four days back to the place we started from.

"Sent out two small local patrols but no enemy were contacted."

 "No patrolling today."

   All quiet and resting. Many were making scarfs out of parachutes. Many made hula skirts out of chutes. Suspension lines were woven into a broad belt four to five inches broad. The nylon strings were then removed from their covering sheath forming a suspension line. These strings were woven into the bottom of the belt so that they hung down thirty inches or the desired length. By using lots of suspension lines a heavy skirt could be made.   It took me several days of work in the light house to complete mine.

 We were still on field rations. I believe now we were getting lots of 10-in-1 rations along with some K rations. Water was plentiful for drinking and shaving. We had to walk to the middle area of the Topside Barracks to where the lister bags were hung, but after our first few days of thirst this was no problem.








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