MAY 1945


















































13 - 19 MAY 1945



13 May 1945




RCT minus one Bn will deploy to new area. details not available as yet.

The Battalion which remained in situ and did not deploy to the new area was the Third Battalion.


 G-3 advises Col Lawrie that 131200 3d Bn comes under the tactical control of CO 185th Infantry.

I believe date should be 12 May


Tactical plan: 503 RCT (-) takes up position in saddle of mountain while 160th and 185th attack N and drive the enemy into our position for the slaughter."

This had to be the worst joke of the campaign. The 40th Division RCT's were not coming out of their fortresses to drive anyone anywhere.


Constant rain making roads impassable.


"House Keepers" left for Rest Camp located at former sugar mill. Rest Camp opened or. 150 men per day for two days, then new batch comes in. It seems that the men are going to be rotated for R&R. this applied to EM's only. This is a great idea. The men sure need a little rest and recreation.

No. 33
121500 May 45
131500 May 45

Killed were:
Pfc. Daniel H. Wicks
Pfc. Pvt. Donald D. Payne
Wounded was:
Sgt. Nagy


a. Infantry:

(1) 1st Bn: Nil activity night of 12-13. Bn began displacing to new area 130800I. In transit at end of period but expected to arrive and go into position vicinity (36.5-89.6) about 151700I.


(2) 2d Bn: Bn displaced to new RCT Sector arriving and going into bivouac at 121645 in vicinity (36.1-89.2). Nil activity night of 12-13. One platoon "F" co moved out NE to remove booby traps previously placed along trail by 40th Recco. Troops. Two of our troops were killed and one injured when a mine exploded along the trail. It has not been determined if the mine was due to the enemy relocating our own traps, emplacement of his own or one of our own not removed. "E" Co moved along the trail beyond the mine field and began patrolling forward. Nil contact at end of period..

(3) 3d Bn: Nil activity night of 12-13. Out of communication with Regt during remainder of period. No reports available.

 4. RESULTS OF OPERATIONS: First elements made advance along trail toward RCT objective without contact.


No activity during the nite, no casualties.
0900 D Co patrol moved out as security for engineers removing friendly land mines. 
0930 Bn received orders to move C.P. forward to (37.5-89.8).
1300 D Co patrol reports 2 KIA & 1 WIA from jumping jack land mine in area that was cleared this morning by Engineers.


[Note: "Jumping Jack" was another name for "Bouncing Betty" mines].

1700 Patrols return, report no enemy activity.
1800 E Co suffered one WIA in arming booby trap.
At 0830 the 2nd platoon under T/Sgt Howard advanced east to act as security for engineers deactivating booby traps set out three weeks previously. The 3rd platoon under Lt. Watkins followed to improve trail. With their mission accomplished the 2nd platoon set out security until the position was taken over by "E" Co. As the 2nd platoon started to return at 1230, Pvt.Wicks activated a Bouncing Betty that had been overlooked. The explosion killed Pvt. Payne instantly, mortally wounded Pvt. Wicks and wounded Sgt. Nagy in the foot. Filipino litter bearers evacuated the dead and wounded and the patrol returned at 1230.
At 0900 hr entire Co with L.M.G's and arty. observer section moved out to the east 3500 yds to set up perimeter and to occupy high ground along a secret trail running north to south and believed to be used by Japs leaving Hill 3155. One man fr 3rd Plt. L.I. while setting a jumping jack, by accidentally discharging it. No activity during night.
No entry

When the order came through that R&R would be granted the question came up as to what kind of rest and recreation could be provided in our surroundings. The answer was simple. To men who have had nothing, who are tired, who are dirty, and who constantly faced death, little is needed.  Just to get cleaned up, get some sleep on a cot, eat hot food, and see a couple of movies would be ideality.

D Company led off. Thirty-five men received passes for two days. This was considered a three day pass, because the better part of a day would be used in going and coming, for as we moved on up into the rainforest more and more time would be needed in walking in and walking out.

 One of the most memorable days of my life occurred here. Captain Taylor, 2d Battalion commanding officer, sent for the company commanders early one morning. He told us to go to Bacolod and Silay and visit our sick and wounded, to be back before dark, and to bring him a bottle of whiskey. In their 7 May entry the "E" Company diarist says that their C.O. went to Bacolod and Silay to "visit the sick". I was never aware of any such happening at this time and wonder if the time did not get confused with the first few days on the right flank. We found some Filipino whiskey made with brown sugar. We spent most of the day riding up and down Highway No. 1 drinking whiskey and not worrying about one thing. The sky had never seemed so blue, the air so fresh, and life so sweet. As we rode along several miles east of Victorias a rifle bullet cracked overhead. After proceeding some ways one of us dryly noted "A Jap shot at us."  Another replied,  "Well, let's go back and get the son of bitch." The wisest said, "Hell no! This is my day off, I'm not doing any work, I've got a holiday from fighting and nobody's going to mess it up." Everybody declared they'd drink to that, and we rolled merrily along.

We got back to the battalion CP in time to get to our companies before dark. I believe each of us brought Capt Taylor a bottle of whiskey. He thanked us, and we thanked the good Captain for  allowing us to have a great day of R&R even if he did bend the rules a little bit.

General William Tecumseh Sherman may have said "War is hell", but I doubt that he knew all of which he spoke. The rifle grunts can give you the full meaning. This phrase has a meaning for them that the uninitiated could never understand.




14 MAY 1945



No. 34
131500 May45
141500 May 45


a. Infantry;

(1) 1st Bn: Nil activity night of 13-14. Bn displaced forward beginning 140830I to position shown on overlay. Lateral patrolling along the adjacent draws resulted in nil contact or evidence of any previous enemy occupation.


(2) 2d Bn: an 'E" Co recco patrol reported observing two unarmed enemy in vicinity (39.0-89.8). The enemy disappeared into heavy undergrowth and could not be located. Nil activity night of 13-14. An "E" Co patrol reported the "SECRET TRAIL" to be at bearing (38.3-90.5). Patrol found one week old enemy dead in this vicinity. Several 'banzai" sticks were found in an old bivouac area near the body. No enemy emplacements were observed. Faint trails leading toward hill reccoed, with nil contact. At close of period "F" co was displacing forward with objective vicinity (38.0-89.8).

b. Artillery: Continued survey for future fire missions and one fire support during the period.


c. Engineers: Construction and improvement of supply route and construction of water point.


4. RESULTS OF OPERATIONS: Extensive patrolling to the immediate S and SE of Hill 4055 did not disclose any enemy emplacements in that locality. Nil contacts were made. Faint trail leads from main trail known as the "SECRET TRAIL" and these are being exploited systematically by recco patrols.

 5. CASUALTIES: No change."



No activity during the nite. Casualties yesterday 2 KIA & 2 WIA, our total 50 KIA & DOW's- 89 WIA's
0900 Received 6 rounds of artillery fire in general vicinity of Bn C.P. No casualties. Recco patrols sent out by companies
1300 We have had hard rain just about every day in the early afternoon in addition to showers thru out the day.
1700 Extensive patrols along Secret Trail. F Co moved forward of E Co about 200 yards.

D Company History, 14, 15, 16, 17 May: ""
No patrols. No enemy activity. 36 men received two day passes to Bacelod on 16th.
Patrols by all platoons along main trail running N to S. No recent use by NIP's. At 1500 hr three Nips's were spotted coming south on main trail armed and wearing Yank clothing. At same time two more were spotted unarmed on high ground to our flank. 1 Nip killed, 1 L.M.G. man shot thru left hand. No activity during night other than one booby trap going off.
No entry.

Our company was now in the dense rainforest. We were greatly reduced in strength. Now we would come face to face again with the old enemy, disease. Diseases such as scrub typhus, meningitis, malaria, hepatitis, dysentery, dengue, and others. Any scratch could lead rapidly to serious, life-threatening conditions.




15 MAY 1945



No. 35
141500 May45
151500 May 45

 MAP: NEGROS I, PHOTO MAP #28: 1/25,000.

1. LOCATION OF TROOPS: See overlay.

 2. WEATHER AND VISIBILITY: Intermittent rain, continuous overcast, visibility limited.


 A. Infantry:

(1)  1st Bn: Nil activity night of 14-15. Continued lateral patrolling along adja­cent draws. One patrol to NW reported an old enemy emplacement at vicinity (10.3-12.5). All other patrols reported nil activity.


(2)  2d Bn: "Hq's Co at 142100 (37.0-89.8) three or more enemy attempted infiltrat­ion of Hqs Co perimeter. One enemy KIA accounted for. Clothing, jungle boots of enemy KIA was in fair condition. At the same time and coordinates as mentioned above one enemy attempting escape due S off the trail was believed to have been wounded as much moaning was heard in that direction after the firing ceased. Thorough search this morning did not reveal any enemy. "D" Co nil activity. "E" Co at (39.0-89.8). An "E" Co outpost received three rounds of enemy rifle fire. They also observed one enemy about 5O yds E of where the fire was coming from. He was unarmed and wearing USA coveralls. An artillery concentration was laid in the area. Recco patrol revealed no enemy dead. We suffered one WIA as a result of this action. "E" Co: An "E" Co patrol went on Recco, SE along "SECRET TRAIL" for a distance of 3000 yds and reported nil activity. "F" Co moved forward to vicinity (39.0-89.8) and established a Co perimeter. An "F" Co patrol starting from vicinity (38.9-90.2) reached the top of ridge, vicinity (39.2-90.5), Patrol observed two enemy walking NE along ridge. unable to fire on them because of long range. Another "F" Co patrol reccoed "SECRET TRAIL" SE reaching summit of Hill 3355. They reported ashes of fire along the trail, believed to be left by small enemy parties."

B. Artillery: registered all batteries on base point. Fired two harassing missions on possible troop concentrations and heavy weapons vicinity (38.6-90.2). Fired missions in preparation of 160th RCT advance to Hill 3155.

C. Engineers: Constructed and improvement of supply route.

4. RESULTS OF OPERATIONS: Continued recco. & patrolling along "SECRET TRAIL" & Hill 3355 disclosed no enemy activity or emplacements in the locality.


a. Our Casualties:

(1) For the period: 1 WIA

(2) To date; 104 KIA, 294 WIA


b. Enemy Known Casualties:

(1) For the period: 3 KIA

(2) To date: 484 KIA, 5 POW.


Hq Co had an attempted infiltration last nite, 1 enemy KIA. No casualties for Bn yesterday.
1000 Bn Ex, Company C.O.'s & 1st Sergeants attended meeting at Regt'l S-1 office to receive info on demobilization plan. Details were given to all by Capt. LeVine and companies are to be given all data by their C.O.s.
1700 Patrols report no activity for today. 4.2 Chemical Mortars have not been used recently but are still attached to Bn, 50 Cal MGs of Batt "D" are now all attached to Hq Co instead of to the line companies.


- Meeting of Bn Co's to discuss Rest Camp: 1,50 men every two days will go to Bacolod for pass. Quota of 35 given each Bn; balance given to separate units." This is the R&R referred to above.


 Some of our innocent, young soldiers learned some new facts of life in Bacolod.  It was not at this time though, because the 35 men from "D" Company were the only men who were sent on R&R for reason explained later.

Speaking of young soldiers, Pfc Richard L. "Tropical" Peterson, was suddenly yanked out of combat while we were in these hills. It had just been discovered that "Tropical" had just celebrated his 16th birthday,  and had experienced the jump on Corregidor at 15.  He had been with the mortar platoon all this time and was still not old enough to be in the Army. He went home unwillingly, while many would have willingly traded places with him.

 Another young soldier whose exploits in Bacolod, late, are still talked about at the reunion "F" Company men is Pfc. Earl Soucie. These youth had one thing in common -  along with many, many others, and they were good soldiers.





16 MAY 1945



No. 36
151500 May45
161500 May 45


a. Infantry:

(1) 1st Bn: Nil activity night of 15-16. An "A" Co patrol sighted 4 enemy vicinity (13.7-11.6). One enemy was killed during the short fire fight before the remaining withdrew. The patrol reported locating a well and recently used trail running genrally N & S which was followed to vicinity (13.8-11.7). No further contact was made. A "B" Co combat patrol to the SE made nil contact through 161130 and out of communications with the Bn at end of period.

(2) 2d Bn: Nil activity night 15-16. An "E" Co patrol progressed N & W along SECRET TRAIL" to reconnoiter for Further Bn advance. Reported trail in fair condition but bearing too far to the W for progress to RCT objectives. An "F" Co patrol worked NW through dense undergrowth to reconnoiter route of advance to RCT objective. Reported no trail, no contact, and extremely difficult terrain. The patrol reached vicinity (14.8-11.3). Three enemy going N walked into "F" Co outpost vicinity (14.0-10.9) at 161230. Two were killed and the third escaped in the under-brush.


As the report shows we were patrolling in the dense forest. With the company at full strength this would not have taxed us, but we were about half strength and still losing men. A few patrols took all the men. A combat patrol took the entire company. We were traveling good distances in extremely rough terrain, so there was no rest.


No activity during the nite. No casualties for Bn yesterday. Bn is allotted quota of 35EM to visit Rest Camp in Bacolod for 2 day period. Regt has provided the camp to relieve men on the front lines. D Co, F & E is the order the group will visit rest camp.
1200 We are receiving 10 in 1 Rations everyday & irregular issue of fresh coffee * cream. 1600 F Co patrol was the only patrol today that reported contact.
No entry.
Patrol by 2nd platt 1500 yd's along trail to north. No recent signs of NIP's NJL (?) activity during the night.
No Entry.



17 MAY 1945



No. 37
161500 May45
171500 May 45

2. WEATHER AND VISIBILITY: Cool, heavy overcast, intermittent rains, visibility limited.


a. Infantry;

(1) 1st Bn: Nil activity night of 16-17. Co. "A" patrol through deep ravine S of RCT sector to vicinity (11.5-11.4) reported nil activity.

(2) 2d Bn: Nil activity night 16-17. "E" Co patrol reconnoitering for route up Hill 4955 reached river vicinity (13.3-14.4). No trail was found and no enemy contacted. An "F" Co patrol reached vicinity (15.4-11.36) and was making a trail for Bn advance to that area. Nil enemy contact. A second "F" Co patrol reached summit of Hill 3355 after following "SECRET TRAIL" SW. the trail swings ME along a ridge to the top. Nil enemy contact at end of period; however the patrols have not returned.

 4. RESULTS OF OPERATIONS: Nil contact by either lateral patrols or patrols along projected RCT route of advance. A trail was cut to enable supplies to reach the troops which will occupy the RCT objective. This trail reaches approximately to the objective.

 5. EXPECTED OPERATIONS FOR 18 MAY: "F" Co to advance to vicinity (15.3-11.7). Continued lateral patrolling at present location."


No enemy activity during the nite. We suffered no casualties yesterday. Our Bn strength is now 21 0- 382 EM.Casualties to date- 38 KIA- 12 DOW- 88 WIA- 2 IIA
1400 Recco flight made by Lt. LaVanchure of companies' positions & 503 objectives. 1800 Patrols report no activity today.
No entry.
Short patrols along north trail. No action during night. Nips cut our comm. wire. Disarmed booby traps, fired two rifle grenades and threw one white phospour's (sic) inside our perimeter. No casualty's (sic).
No entry.

The RCT is continuing to push for the Patog area, and F Company is leading the way.




18 MAY 1945



No. 38
171500 May45
181500 May 45


(1)  1st Bn: Nil activity throughout Bn area night 17-18. "B" and "C" patrol to (11.2-09.6) and (12.8-11.4) respectively reported nil contact or activity.


(2)  2d Bn: "An "F" Co patrol returning at 171815I reported observed and killed two enemy vicinity (15.4-10.4). Other enemy were heard in vicinity but could not be located. One enemy was armed with a rifle the other was unarmed. Another "F" Co patrol reported meeting an enemy vicinity (15.5-11.2) at 171830I. Leading scout certifies at having hit the enemy at short range with several TSMG rounds. Body of enemy fell into a deep ravine and approaching darkness prevented search.

"D" Co displaced forward to position vacated by "E" Co vicinity )13.85-10.85).



"E" Co reached (16.0- 10.6) at 181230I and dispatched two patrols; one to vic­inity (15.7-11.0), the other to continue on "SECRET TRAIL". At close of the period the patrol on "SECRET TRAIL" was reported to have killed one of three enemy on its return to Co CP. An "F" Co patrol to recco trail to DANAO reported having reached a trail apparently leading to DANAO and presumbed to be 3 kilometers from DANAO and 6000 yds from "F" Co CP. Nil contact made by this patrol.

 b.     Artillery: four harrassing night missions night 17-18. Two fire missions, base point registration, and registration of Div. Arty. during 18 May.

 c.     Engineers: Supply route building and maintenance.

 4. RESULTS OF OPERATIONS: Elements of 2d Bn reached virtual summit of HILL 3355. A route to DANAO and possibly around HILL 3355 to PATOG area located for immediate exploitation.


5. EXPECTED OPERATIONS FOR 19 MAY: 1st Bn to exploit trail into DANAO area and push toward PATOG if route exists. 2d Bn to occupy HILL 3355 and search for future positions along ridge (15.0-12.0)-(15.7-11.0)


E Co reports receiving 3 rds. of believed enemy grabade (sic) fire, booby traps unarmed and phone wires cut on Secret trail. No casualties.
1000 Fox Co maintaining security outpost, also a patrol sent out to recco Danao Trail 1300  .
1300 E Co moved out to 503d objective area. D Co to take Easy Co position.
1800 No reported contact today. E Co observed 1 enemy KIA
Co. moved forward 2000 yds. at 0930 to releive "E" Co. Small security patrols sent out but no enemy contacted.

At 0830 hr. Co. with atch. personel moved out on Secret Trail to the south. Moved approx. 1500 yds up on Hill 3055, and went into defensive position 200 yds from the crest of the hill. A recon patrol was sent out, and contacted a eight man patrol of Nips moving in our direction. Patrol withdrew, and Nips moved forward toward our position, and came under fire from our L.M.G.'s. One Nip definitely K.I.A. Nil activity during night.

No entry.

Finding the trail to Danao was a great achievement. "E" Co's taking Hill 3355 was also a great achievement and a great relief. This was an enemy stronghold, according to the 40th Division G-2, so it was a relief to find it undefended. We had made endless patrols, sometimes making our own trails and sometimes following following broad, well traveled caribou trails 5-6 feet wide.  Well, we were just about in position for the 160th RCT and the 185th RCT to start their drive. Maybe this was why their Commanding General kept our 2d Battalion.




19 MAY 1945



No. 39
181500 May45
191500 May 45

3. OUR operations;

a. Infantry:

(1) 1st Bn: Nil activity night of 18-19. "B" and "A" Co's moved out in that order SE along fairly well defined trail with the mission of proceeding to ridge vicinity (16.9-09.8). "B" Co. reached vic (14.4-10.0) and was fired on by an unknown number of enemy. A short fire fight ensued in which we suffered three wounded. One enemy was known to have been killed. "B" Co withdrew to vicinity (14.1-10.0) and artillery was placed on the enemy position with unknown results. "A" and "B" Co will remain vicinity (14.1-10.0) night 19020.


(2) 2d Bn: "E" Co observed three enemy vicinity (16.0-10.6) at 181540. One enemy, armed with a car5ine and hand grenade. Nil activity night 18-19. "D" Co displaced forward through "E" Co's position to vicinity (16.4-11.1). Nil contact was encountered enroute. An "E" Co patrol received one round of rifle from an unseen enemy in vicinity (16.6-10.5). The round passed through the hand of one of our troops into the side of another. "F" Co replaced "D" Co to guard trail junction vicinity (13.85-10.85).


4. RESULTS OF OPERATIONS: Elements of 2d Bn reached eastern end of RCT objective against nil resistance. 1st Bn met unexpected resistance in attempting to gain objective by a reported route around HILL 3355. No route was located.


5. EXPECTED OPERATIONS FOR 20 MAY: Due to the ruggedness of the terrain the 1st Bn will be withdrawn from its present position and Will proceed in force NE to ridge vicinity (14.8-12.0. 2d Bn will recco forward toward PATOG area."


No activity during the nite, no casualties suffered yesterday.
0900 Dog Co moved out to new position (16.4-11.1). Received 1 rd of 90mm fire (estimated).
1100 1130 Easy Co security patrol suffered 2 WIA, enemy sniper fire.
1400 Easy Co received 25 rds of estimated 40mm fire, 3 rds estimated 90mm landing about 400 yds SE of their position.
1800 Easy Co only made enemy contact today.
At 0830 Co. moved appr. 200 yds. along ridge E of E company.

 Co sent patrol from 2ne plt up south trail. Contacted enemy. Two men wounded. One SWA one LWA. Patrol withdrew. No activity during night.

No entry.