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3 - 9 JUNE 1945



3 June 1945


No. 54
021500 June 45
031500 June 45


a. Infantry: 

1) 1st Bn: Nil activity during the night. A "B" Co patrol along trail vic (16.2-10.9) found 3 MG emplacements & 23 foxholes covering the trail. No evidence of recent use use found. A "B" Co patrol to vic (16.1-11.0) observed some enemy obtain water vic (16.4-11.2). The enemy withdrew when they observed the patrol. A "C" Co patrol moved out to vic (16.3-11.2) after a mortar barrage had been placed in the area. The patrol had not returned at close of period. "C" Co Patrol to vic (16.5-11.15).    Fr there to vic (16.4-11.2) observed two enemy, killing one and possibly the other. Moving on they received automatic fire vic (16.5-11.15). The patrol withdrew & brought mortar fire to bear in the area as the period closed.


2) 2d Bn: Nil activity during the night. A "D" Co patrol & one rifle platoon with mission to recco trail vic (14.8-12.25). They were joined by one Filipino officer & 8 EM. The party observed 5 enemy vic (15.3-11.6) killing one. The patrol had returned at close of period & reported no further act­ivity. An "F"Co patrol with the mission of recco former enemy bivouac area vic (15.6-11.55) found 1- 50 cal serviceable air corps MG, 2 cases of 50 cal ammo, 3 enemy rifles, & 1 Enfield rifle. One enemy found dead, believed to have been killed 4-5 days ago. 

3) 3d Bn: Nil activity during the night. a "G" Co patrol to vic (14.6-11.6) found an abandoned shack large enough to accomodate about 4 persons & bunker' with intercommunication trenches. The patrol also observed 4 enemy vic (14.7-11.7) but withdrew into the underbrush before patrol could fire on them. The patrol was still advancing as period closed. Remainder of Bn activity consists of local patrols with nil activity.. 

b. Artillery: Fire harrassing fire throughout the period. Expended a total of 10 rounds during the period."


 No activity during the nite, no casualties, tho we had 9 EM to hosp- sick: 0830 D & E Co's dispatched patrols to recco "Y" Trail.


Patrols report no contacts.

 "Security patrols with no enemy contacts."
"Co remained in position. NO enemy activity during night."
"No entry.


4 June 1945


No. 55
031500 June 45
041500 June 45


a. Infantry:

1) 1st Bn: Nil activity during the night. An "A" Co platoon moving out to objective (16.6010.8) received heavy sniper fire 75 yds from their CP inflicting 2 KIA & 2 WIA on the platoon. The platoon withdrew and brought mortar fire to bear in the area. An "A" Co patrol then moved out toward (16.35-11.2) & received MG fire fr vic (16.5-11.5) as the period closed. A "B" Co patrol to vic (15.6-10.5) was forced to return in order for safety during mortar barrage. The patrol reported nil activity. "F" Co patrol moved out to objective area (16.65-11.65). The patrol reported to be at (16.4-11.5) with nil activity as period closed.


2) 2d BN: Nil activity during the night. An "E" Co patrol, one rifle platoon & one Filipino officer & 8 EM proceeded with mission of recco NE along ridge & "Y" trail at (14.8-12.25) received heavy enemy fire consisting of HMG's & estimated 8-10 riflemen vic of (15.4-11.4). A fire fight took place & the platoon suffered one KIA & 1 WIA. Patrol withdrew & brought arty fire to bear on the area. An "F" Co patrol with mission of recco observed wrecked USA plane vic (15.6-11.9) received fire fr LMG & 5 snipers vic (15.6-11.7). The patrol was sent forward with Arty FO to an OP approximately (15.6-11.6). The enemy attempted to infiltrate the OP. One enemy was KIA during this attempt.


3) 3d Bn. Nil activity during the night. A "G" Co overnight patrol vic (14.7-11.7). moved forward to objective (14.8-12.3). The patrol encountered 3 enemy vic (14.6-11.7) killing the patrols lead scout.    The enemy then withdrew receiving KIA during the withdrawal. Arty fire was brought to bear in the area. Patrol at (14.7-11.7) as period closed. Remainder of Bn activity con­sisted of local security patrols, nil activity." 


4) (similar to prior PR entry)


5) (similar to prior PR entry)


a. Our casualties for the period: 4 KIA, 4 WIA.

b. Enemy known casualties for the period; 2 KIA.'


The RCT S-1 Journal and the "Regimental History, Phase X" contain an identical entry...  

"It's been raining for a week; everyone and everything soaked. Road just about washed out; few more days and we'll be stranded completely. Caterpillars hauling vehicles up the hill."

The mountains were so constantly wet that the men up there did not realize it was also raining down below.



"0730 No activity during the nite, no casualties. 6 EM duty to hospital yesterday."  


Easy Company patrol met heavy resistance, MG's and small arms. We suffered one KIA and 2 WIA. Withdrew to place arty fire."


"At 0800 one squad of the 1st plt and one squad of the 2d plt and a squad of guerrillas under Lt. Mara moved 600 yds N of "E" Co. The patrol sighted several enemy, opened fire and killed one. Two others believed wounded or killed. At 1500 the patrol returned having contacted no other enemy."

"Patrol from 2nd plt. went on patrol. Enemy contacted. One man KIA, one WIA in fire fight against enemy. Patrol withdrew back to Co. original position. Six Philippinos left Co. to join "Fox" Co."

No entry.

It was sad, especially sad, to lose four men two days before we came out of the mountains. It was like the last few men who died in the final stages of mopping up operations: so close to surviving, yet so dead. 

Aerial photos revealed the wreckage of a B-24 bomber up in these parts. The bomber has crashed deep in the mountains prior to our arriving on Negros.  All the crew had been killed with the exception of the tail gunner. The Japs captured and executed him, their usual procedure. Our command wanted this site located and searched for any remains of the other crewmen.

We believe this is the site "F" Company located. This incident is similar to one that happened at Bacolod Air Drome. During a Naval carrier air strike a disabled fighter made a forced landing on the Jap strip. A Jap warrant officer beheaded the pilot with his sword on the concrete runway. Unfortunately for the Japanese involved, Filipinos observed the executions and identified the guilty.

That was why there were so many hangings of war criminals in Manila after the surrender.



5 June 1945


No. 56
041500 June 45
051500 June 45


a. Infantry:

1) 1st Bn: Nil activity during the night. Bn activities consisted of moving their' troops fr hills to vic Bn CP. "C" Co remained at their present location. 

2) 2d Bn° Nil activity during the night. An "E" Co platoon moved out to vic (15.7-11.5) after an arty barrage with the mission of recovering body of one KIA in the area yesterday. The patrol received HMG & rifle fire vic (15.3-11.4) and was forced to withdraw without recovering the body. All Co's have returned to Bn CP." The Japs knew we always came back for bodies of our dead so they often set up an ambush near the body. 

"(3) 3d Bn: Nil activity during the night. A "G" Co overnight patrol vic (14.7-11.7) returned to their CP with Nil activity. "G" Co moved to vic Bn CP. "H" Co sent out on local security patrols with nil activity."

The artillery fired 654 rounds.

"Rain continues, roads disappearing into a river of mud feet deep."

"2d Bn started from the hills to bivouac area. Came in drenched."

Thus the 2d Battalion must have come down 5 June -  60 days after they landed at Pulapandan, Negros.


No activity during the nite.
0800 Hq Co, 2d began moving to rear location (11.15-10.4). D, E, & F Cos to follow. Filipino troops to take our position.
1500 "E" Co made an unsuccessful attempt to recover the body of one of their men, were given permission to withdraw without body.

This was the only body that was not recovered in this operation. Recovery was not possible, as position was covered by heavy machine gun and rifle fire.

1800 All companies of Bn encamped in:bivouac area (11.15-10.4) near 503d Regt'l C.P. Bn CO awaiting orders on move to proceed to reserve position in the 160th Inf. area. We will remain here until receiving some orders.
"No patrols---- No enemy activity."

"1st plt. moved out to try to recover body of dead man. Recovery impossible. Co. move out at 1330 hr back to low lands. Arrived at 1730 hr. Set up camp for the night. Nothing happened during the night."


It reflects little credit on the Command that a man's own company does not give his name after he paid the supreme price.


No entry.



The "F" Company entry given on 6 June should be given this date, because other records and recollections indicate that "F" probably moved out in the open this date.

The 2d Battalion S-3 Journal states all companies encamped near the Regimental. CP.  This was out in the open.  The "E" Company History also says they arrived in the lowlands at 1730. This same observation applies to "D" Company history, too. The RCT S-1 Journal  for the previous day (051200 June 1945) states "Rain continues, roads disappearing into a river of mud feet deep." "1200- 2d Bn started from the hills to bivouac area. Came in drenched."

Thus the 2d Battalion must have come down 5 June, or 60 days after they landed at Pulapandan, Negros.



6 June 1945


No. 57
051500 June 45
061500 June 45

Weather is still intermittent rains.


a. Infantry:

(1) RCT activities for the period consisted of setting up temporary bivouac area for troops that come out of the hills to their respective Bn areas. Nil activity during the period."

 "5. INTENDED OPERATIONS FOR 7 June: Bn will move to newly assigned bivouac areas."

* * * * *

"Movie tonight, regimental area, weapons and steel helmets to be worn."

"At 1430 the company started back to the regt'l CP appr 5 kilo. NE Murcia."



This company history was so well kept that it is entirely possible that they are right and that Battalion and "E" Company are wrong, but see RCT journal below.

" Co. remained in position between June 6, 1945 to June 7, 1945."

"The orders to move to the regt'l C.P. came today. The men in good spirits with the thoughts that the mission had at last come to an end.

The long hike down the steep ridges and treacherous ravine is made. The men cheer as they came into open terrain & into the sunlight."


In reading the weather conditions given in the PR's ("intermittent rains") someone else besides myself was mistaken about the sunshine.  However, after life in the mists, glooms and deep green shadows of the rainforest cover, being out in the open, even under heavy overcast, would be like sunshine.

I either ended my stay at the regimental aid station yesterday or today. and went back to "F" Company.




PHASE II of the Negros campaign now ends.

To the men who have, for almost two months,  been denied any form of comfort and all manners of sunshine beneath the constant humidity of the tropical rainforest blanket, it is of little importance whether the it was the fifth or the sixth of June being written into the Reports and Journals of the 503d PRCT.  The important thing is that it was over, for now,  and we could build our fires this evening and heat our field rations!

Although battle casualties were not significant in comparison to PHASE I,  the many and varied forms that tropical disease took  had cost  us a heavy toll throughout PHASE II.  Day after day of total discomfort, mountain heat and cold, twenty-four hour alertness, and field rations (we did not even get  the sometimes half loaf of bread, butter, bologna, apple, and four bottles of beer that we had been privileged to get a few times during PHASE I) it might well be said that the PHASE II ended with a gala celebration ---sunshine, a movie and a hot meal!

It had been two months since we had enjoyed such!!   Life was beautiful!


7 June 1945


8 June 1945

9 June 1945



Historical Report (Operations)
2400 hrs, 9 June 1945

"At 2400, 9 June, operational control on Negros Island passed to the 503d Regimental Combat Team."

"At the official close of the operation on 20 June, the 503d Regimental combat Team with attached service troops, and the forces of the 7th Philippines Military District consisting of roughly four thousand troops having two combat regiments and one combat battalion, were busy in the accomplishment of the assigned mission."

No. 60
081500 June 45
091500 June 45


"Departed from overnite bivouac at 1st Bn by truck at 1130 hr, arrived at new site (28.1-95.8) 1400 hrs. C.P., mess & supply tents erected and company areas staked out. This is an ideal campsite, on the bank of swift running river."


"Bn had first hot meal since the 6th of April. Bn guard posted."

"The Bn. entrucked at 0830 and moved app. 1500 yds NW of Hill 4055."

"Packed up and entrucked at 0900 hr. and traveled 10 miles east of Talisay. Password All-Well."