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15 - 21 JULY 1945



15 July 1945



15 July 1945




Nil activity during the hours of darkness.


"D" Co patrol returned and made the following report: When "D" Co was crossing river at (15.3-23.3). They observed five (5) enemy on the opposite side . Patrol opened fire and wounded one enemy. Wounded enemy committed HARI-KARI when patrol approached. Wounded enemy who committed HARI-KARI was carrying new enemy carbine and sixty rouds of ammo, and was a rated naval man. Patrol continued on approx 3 Km SW and reported all native huts evacuated and no sign of enemu activity. Patrol was unable to reach air strike area due to elapse of time. Patrol attempted tp recross river at (15.3-23.3) where they loss (lost) two men by drowning due to the dangerous current of the river. Patrol was unable to recross and remained in this position during the hours of darkness and returned at 150815I.


Message sent to see if train left this position.


Lt Presher with one rifle platoon, one mortar platoon, one LMG section left at 150800I to investigate area where twelve (12) enemy were killed yesterday at (17.2-24.4) and if possible to push on past this area.


Total enemy casualties from 131200I to 150800I is 27 KIA- 1 POW- 5 Civilians.Our casualties from 131200I to 150800 is: 2 WIA - 3 KIA.


Train arrived an began moving "F" Co to BUGANG. "F" Co to establish CP at (17.5-22.5) and will send out

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"Lt Gifford, Lt Watkins and ten men returned to the perimeter at 0730. At 0900 the 1st plt under Lt. Mara and the 3d pit. under Lt Watkins, left the perimeter at 0800, crossed the Himaagon River, and proceeded into S. Bago area. The 1st platoon in the lead surprised two Japs and opened fire but the enemy escaped. The patrol returned at 1700."

"7-15-45 1st and 4th platt with L.M.G. patrolled 2 mile to the S.E.      1 Nip KIA."

"Company moved by train to Bugand (sic) Lumber Camp & set up perimeter. Boarded train at 1545 & arrived at lumber camp one hour later. After arriving there, sent small recon parties out to feel out the area. Patrol returned with reports from civilians that Japs were living in houses on other side of camp. Patrols were sent out to investigate & found no enemy."


16 July 1945


16 July 1945

"16 July 1945, 1030- 5000 surrender leaflets dropped on Bago and Malapasoc area. "F" Company patrol, Lt. Whiting and 21 men."




" At 161315I patrol broke contact due to enemy fire. Patrol returned at 161500I.


E Co activities: At 160830I Lt West one platoon left Bn CP with mission to patrol to the NORTH and recco area WEST of raillines, between railline on HIMAGAAN RIVER. At approx 161030I at (14.3-24.7) patrol killed one enemy armed with bayonet only. At approx 161230I vicinity (14.1-25.0) patrol found one enemy dead floating in a stream. Had been dead two days. Patrol returned to taillines at (14.8-26.0) re-turned SOUTH along tracks to Bn CP at 161600I. Second patrol sent out fro "E" Co at 161000I. Lt Loehr with one platoon and one LMG section left CP mission patrol two miles SE. Patrol reached (17.5-24.2). Reported nil enemy activity no sign of enemy. Filipinos still in area. patrol returned at 161545I."


D Co activities: At 160830I Lt Gifford two rifle platoons, ome mortar platoon, ome LMG platoon with mission tto patrol BAGO area. Patrol proceeded SOUTH on track to MINOG BRIDGE (15.9-23.4) turned WEST crossed HIMAGAAN R. at (15.5-23.0) proceeded into BAGO area. At 161430I at (14.8-22.7) sighted two enemy. Patrol opened fire fire after searching area no bodies could be found. Enemy was well dresses ans armed with carbine. Patrol returned at 161700I and did not reach air strike area.


Plan to make recco flight of BAGO area and MALAPASOC will also drop surrender leaf-lets in these areas by Bn S-2."


"7-16-45 Local patrols by 2nd and 3rd plat. 1 Nip KIA."


First platoon left company CP at 1630 to investigate house supposedly occupied by Japs. Returned at 1600hr with no activity reported. Third platoon left company CP at 1600 hr. to recon area of Malapasoc. On way ran into scattered groups of Japs. Reaching Festinato, an assault was made & nineteen enemy soldiers were killed.. Patrol destroyed food, equipment, & eighteen rifles. Patrol returned at 1600 hr. with no casualties." The return hours on both patrols above are at or before the time of departure. probably they both left around 1800 or 0830.. despite all the patrolling, no one had yet been to Minapasoc, or Malapasoc, or Miopasoc- take your pick like Bugang or Bugand. It was felt that this lumber camp town was a Jap base of operations."



17 July 1945



Nil enemy activity during the hours of darkness.

The password for 161800I to 170800I is MARY-ANN.


Lt Presher with one rifle platoon, one section LMG left Co CP at 170830I with mission of overnight patrol to thoroughly recco SAGO area and air strike area.


D Co moved out by rail cars to (15.9-23.4) MIANOG BRIDGE and establish CP at 1712001. 1430 F Co Sgt Santoy patrol killed one enemy at 170900I patrol consisted of one squad at(17.8-22.4). Enemy had been wounded in previous action. At 171000I killed one enemy(17.2-22.2). At 1711301 approx (16.4-20.4) Lt Calhoun patrol moved in behind 81mm mortar barrage captured the shacks occupied by enemy yesterday. Encountered three enemy, killed one believe wounded two. Only three bodies of yesterdays enemy killed remained in the area. Patrol 'returned at 1714001. Total three enemy killed, one by civilians.


Scooter arrived back from FABRICA at 1745 hr.


Lt Presher returned and made the following report: Patrol obtained the information from Filipino civilians that there was 5,000 enemy troops back in the BAGO area. Our patrol believed the report was highly exagerated (sic). Patrol continue(d) on mission but encountered a group of eight armed enemy and also observed two groups of enemy approx 30 to 40 in each.


Arrangements being made to place heavy concentration of artillery in the BAGO area. Lt Presher to make cub fight of area in the morning."


"The Co. moved appr. 400 yds. on the logging train."


"4-17-45 1st platt. patroled across Himugaan R. to Camp Bago area. Spotted several groups of Japs. Made no physical contact. Returned 1900 hr."


 "First & second platoons with 81mm attached left CP at 1700 hr. to assault Malapasoc. arriving there saw much evidence of occupancy & laid in 81mm mortars, the patrol then made the assault & 1 enemy soldier was killed. We suffered no casualties. At 1330 hr. the patrol returned to the company CP. Four men investigated a report of one Jap in civilian camp. Native brought in head of Jap caught stealing food."


Battalion ordered me to take a combat patrol consisting of two rifle platoons, one machine gun platoon, one 81mm mortar, and our 60mm mortar platoon and attack Malapasoc, killing any enemy there. I took the 1st and 2d platoons, the 3d LMG platoon attached to "F" Company, the "F" Company mortar platoon, and one 81mm mortar section. There were several smaller sections also attached, such as flame throwers and demolitions. We left at 0700 riding on flat cars, on an ILCO logging train. I had the train stop about a mile before we reached Malapasoc in order to seek to surprise the enemy in the camp. We walked quietly along the tracks, and as we neared Malapasoc we could see a high hill on the left side of the tracks. The line curved around the base of this hill swinging in a wide arc to the right. The road bed of the rail line was higher than the camp being cut into the base of the hill. Before we got to the hill I sent a squad on ahead to climb the hill and protect our flank. The hill was heavily wooded, so this took some time. As soon as the squad was in position we moved on along the tracks. There it was, a large camp laid out in blocks with rows and rows of small houses made of unplaned lumber filling the plain between the tracks and the river, which was perhaps three hundred yards away. The houses were roofed with wooden, split shingles. The windows were covered with hinged planks just as. were the doors. These were the rough cut prefabricated house I described above which were taken apart and moved on flat cars. The houses were on stilts several feet above the ground. Even so, we were still were slightly above the roof tops so that we could see out across the several hundred houses.

 We quietly went into position along the railroad tracks, and when our LMG's, mortars, BAR's, and riflemen were in place, we opened up on signal. A little movement had been seen among the buildings as we went into position. Our fire was devastating, and we shot up the camp. After a heavy barrage one rifle platoon moved out in an assault across the camp. We found nothing until we reached the far side of the camp near the river. There lay a dead Jap which our fire had killed. We felt sure the Japs had been here' probably a considerable force. They probably moved out on our approach. Any still there ran for the river when we opened up. One unlucky straggler got hit. We patrolled the hills above the river valley and down the tracks another mile south, but saw no signs of the enemy. We had been slow getting in position while the rifle squad worked its way up the hill to protect our flank, but that was something that had to be done. We had accomplished our mission, so we walked back to the train and returned to the company perimeter at Bugang.

I was told that later when the company and the battalion moved to Malapasoc that the roofs leaked like seives due to our shoot 'em up. They said it rained everyday, too.


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19 July 1945



" Nil activity during the hours of darkness.


 At 190830 D co sent two rifle platoons, one LMG platoon to investigate vicinity (14.0-22.0) mission to recto that area and observe effects of artillery barrage. Patrol will remain in BAGO area overnight.


 Train arrived from Fabrica with beer issue.


Patrol, one platoon, that was sent out from "F" Co to recco rail line spurs SOUTH report nil activity.



E Co bring held in reserve for "D" Co.


Patrol sent out from F Co at 1300 hr returned at 1600 hr reported nil enemy activity, Recco area SE & SW along rail line.



The password for 191800I to 200800I is: LAUGHING-BOX.


Artillery interdicktory (sic) fire was used at 182300I.


The password for 191800 to 200800 is: LAUGHING-BOY.


"At 0939 the CO, Lt Gifford, the 1st plt under Lt. Mara, the 2d plat under Lt. Ward, and one LMG section crossed the Himaagon River and moved to the S Bago area. Two enemy were fired upon but escaped. One Jap 1st Lt was found in a hut and killed. Patrol set up perimeter at 1600."


"At 0830, third platoon moved out on combat patrol with radio communications. One squad plus radio section set up strong point at Malapesco. Two squads proceeded to Yaningan Creek. No enemy encountered. Patrol returned at 1600 hr."


20 July 1945



 Nil activity during the hours of darkness.


 At 200815I one platoon E Co and one LMG section, Lt Loehr, patrol leader, left Co CP with mission to recco area vicinity (15.5-21.5).


 One platoon, F Co, Lt Whiting patrol leader, left Co CP with the mission to patrol YAMINGAN CREEK at 200825I.


"Patrol returned to Co. perimeter at 1030. No more enemy contacted."


21 July 1945




" Recd report that Lt Sharp was KIA while on cub flight with Lt Albritton. Full particulars unknown."


(Back up to 21 July. 22 had been crossed out and 21 inserted).

 The one (10 plat patrol from Dog Co accomplished its mission and, reported nil enemy activity. In vicinity of (14.8-23.35) the patrol recovered the body of one of our boys who drowned crossing the river a few days ago. The identity is unknown at present. The Easy Co patrol under Lt Presher reports nil enemy activity in the Bago area. The patrol thoroughly searched where the air strikes took place and found nothing but craters. The patrol will remain there tonight and tomorrow will search out the area where the arty barrage was laid in. A Fox Co patrol under Lt Beck accomplished its mission and reported nil enemy activity. The patrol returned at 211400 hr. Tomorrow, the companies will send local security patrols out.


 At 200830 Lt Ward's patrol left CP to search Bago area. At 201000I (14.45-22.05) patrol killed one (1) enemy (1st Lt) in hut. One Jap carbine was captured and destroyed. Patrol returned at 201200I.


 At 200800I Lt Boykin and one (1) plat left "E" Co CP and went South to (16.25-22.3) then went southwest to (15.8-12.8) Patrol tried to find suitable crossing point. Patrol returned to "E" Co CP. at 201400I. Nil enemy activity.


. Lt Whiting's patrol left "F" Co CP at 200830 and patrolled Malapasoc area. Civilians reported one hundred and eighty (180) Japs in that vic but patrol reported nil findings. Patrol then went west to Yamingan Ck. Nil activity reported. Patrol returned at 201530I.


[Note: The Filipino civilians would report substantial numbers of Japs in their areas so that we would send in troops. This would protect the civilians against Jap foragers, and roving bands of so-called guerrillas who were little more than outlaws and brigands.]



 Dog Co on 21 Jul 45 one plat is to patrol E bank of Himugaan River from Miang Bridge area S to Bugang area. Patrol will leave 0830 hr.

Easy Co at 210830 Lt Presher with one (1) reinforced plat will move to Bago area and thoroughly search it. Patrol will remain overnight.

Fox Co will send two (2) plat plus one (1) LMG section three Km. to SE to clear out caves where Japs are reported.

"One squad under Lt. Mara left the perimeter at 1000 to recover the body of soldier drowned on 14 July. The body was recovered but unidentified. mapp security patrol reported no enemy activity."

The body was taken into Fabrica and turned over to Capt Danus. I went back into Fabrica that morning, and when I got off the scooter walked right into Danus. He asked me when I'd gotten back thinking I had been off for treatment. I explained that I had gotten to feeling better and had never gone to the clearing station in Bacolod. He got upset and told me among other things that "you've got amoebic dysentry." He said that he was going to Bacolod right then, and for me get in the jeep with him.  We walked over to the jeep, which had trailer attached. Rolled up in a poncho was a large object, and the poncho was covered with flies. The stench was terrible. It was the bloated body of one of the D Company soldiers who downed 14 July. We got into the jeep and took off. Everytime we slowed down the odor would drift forward and almost overcome us, so Donus drove at high speed almost all the way. We went to the small hospital in the school and Donus saw that I was admitted.

The 2d Battalion aid station patient registry list my name on 21 July and shows that I was then sent to the 637th Clearing Company for a stool specimen. When they took me in the clearing station they immediately ran a test on my stool. That was no problem, because I was having difficulty again.  That afternoon I was in a plane on my way to Leyte Island, where I was admitted to the 133d General Hospital. I had served my last day with "F" Company, the best of them all.

The war went on for the 503d without me, of course, and so too shall Bless 'em All.


"7-21-45 1st platt to Camp Bago area for two day patrol.


"First & second platoon's reinforced patrol swept the Makatagak River area from 0800 to 1330 hr. Encountered no enemy. Weather bad."