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22 - 28 JULY 1945




22 July 1945



Rec'd a msg from CO of Regt which read: All resupply equipment will be returned and accounted for. Sent a message back that no resupply equipment is at the 2d Bn forward base.


Sent a message to rear CP stating that our rations will hold out until noon of 23 Jul.


The situation report for today's activities:

Dog Co reported nil activity.

Easy Co- At 220830I Bago area Lt Presher's Plat accounted for nine (9) E KIA of an estimated fifteen. Nine (9) rifles, two (2) pistols, one (1) LMG and three (3) carbines captured and destroyed. Patrol returned at 221245I.

Fox Co patrol sent Sgt Thompson and one (1) squad at 221000I. Killed one (1) armed enemy two (2) kilimeters (sic) SE of "F" Co CP. Rifle was destroyed.


Operations for 23 Jul 45

Dog Co- Local security patrolling.

Easy Co was alerted to move and'at 231100I will move to Malapasoc yo establish new CP. One (1) section of 81mm mortars will be attached to them.

Fox Co. was alerted to move and at approx­imately 231230I will move back into Fabrica.

"A" Battery of the 462nd Prcht FA which is attached to 2d Bn will also move to Fabrica.


"Security patrols but no enemy activity." .


"7-22-45 1st plat returned 1200 hr. Reported killed 9 Nips.


"Company sent out small security patrols from Co. bivouac area. One Jap was killed in a house located east of company approx. five kilometers."


23 July 1945




Rec'd message from Regt to prepare for an inspection by the Commanding General of Eighth Army and his staff. 2d Bn's disposition was to remain same.


Received a message from Regimental C.O. to put all personnel under tents and that company kitchens would be sent out.


We could not get tents out today because the train broke down in vic. of Dianay and Mr. West was to redline it until 24 Jul 45.


Sent messages to CO rear and explained about train brkkdown. Also reported that the forward area could accomodate commanding general and staff.


Received a message from Capt Smith to alert battalion minus "A" Bat. of Field artillery for a move to Bugang on foot. To arrive there by 0915 24 July 45 and set up a Bn camp site. Also recd orders to send one (1) plat from "F" Co on a two (2) day patrol to Danao River. Alerted companies and Capt LaVanchure in regards to tomorrow's activities and patrolling.


 The password for 231800I thro 240800I is SILLY-SALLY."



There seems to be some confusion, but then up until the time I left, at least, the company orderly rooms and at least one company commander were back in Fabrica along with battalion headquarters rear. Some lived the good life, others slept in ponchos and ate field rations. During the day the latter chased around the country after every Jap forager the natives could see or imagine. As said before the Flips wanted us, naturally, to come to their area for their own protection.



"Security patrols, but no enemy activity."



"Company sent out small security patrols. One squad was sent to Malapasoc but encountered no enemy."



24 July 1945


24 July 1945


"24 July 1945, 1300- Meeting of staff and Bn. CO's including (PA), with discussion of troop displacements and enemy situation and 'possibilities with view to liquidating of remaining estimated 2500-3000 enemy. First activity to begin vicinity of San Carlos, Fabrica, ans Escalante."

The estimate of remaining enemy graphically points out the failure of the 40th Division G-2 to estimate the number of enemy troops on Negros Island. His estimate resulted in the campaign being declared over, the 40th pulling out and leaving us to mop up the remnants. Ultimately, when the Japanese surrendered, almost 7,000 organized Japanese troops surrendered on the north (Occidental) end of Negros. Had General Kono realized his numerical superiority he might have been having a staff meeting making plans to liquidate us.



2d Battalion S-3 Journal, 24 July 45, 0700-1600.



" E Co and Dog Co set out for Bugang to establish new site. Hq &,"A" Battery were unable to leave at that time due to waiting for train.


Train arrived with tents and cots. Sent it to new forward area at Bugang.


Rec'd word from Fox Co that train broke down in vic of bugang.


Train passedDianay and was to return to Fabrica for repairs.


Hy & "A" Bat are planning to move forward tomorrow 25 Jul 45.


The password for 251800I thru 260800I is CLEVER-NELLY.



"Lt Gifford went to.the hospital and Lt Collins assumed command. At 0830 the Co. moved S appr. four miles to Bugang and set up squad tents." The 2d Battalion patient roster diagnosed Gifford as "food poisoning". He was to die a few days later in the clearing company at Bacolod. Tom McNerney says that there was a problem in diagnosing Jim's malady. When they finally identified it as spinal meningitis "Jim was at death's door. He had just died when I got to the hospital."



Tom's wife, Helen, visited with Jim's parent's regularly. Tom wrote her telling her of Jim's death. She went to Columbia University to see Mr. Gifford, who was a law professor there. Unbelievably, this was how his family learned of Jim's death. "The family was not notified 4-5 days after."

In our battalion, and I daresay in the Regiment, only a few junior officers remained who had weathered all the action since we had been in Australia.  Jim stood at the head of this list, among the very best. Now he had gone to join our eternal heroes. D Company had more than their share of bad luck.



"7024-45 Entire Co. packed up and moved to Camp Bug-ang, by foot, set up camp in B.N area in squad tents."



"Eighteen men left company at 1800 hr. to Fabrica as honor guard for Eighth Army Commander, company sent details to clean the area for pitching of squad tents. Possibly as a permanent camp site. Second platoon left on overnight patrol at 0830 hr. to Dano River area. No activity at close of period. First platoon had recon & security patrol to Malapasoc. No enemy encountered."



25 July 1945




Cp 2d Bn moved forward to Bugang. Prepared for Commanding General of Eighth Army and inspecting party but due to train break down party did not arrive. "A" Btry remained at Dianay.


Sent request to Regt'l CO to move 2d Bn to Malapasoc.


The password for 2518002 thru 260800I is SLEEPLESS-PILLOW."


Situation report for 25 July was as follows:

Dog Co at 0830 Sgt Dolan & 1 sqd patrolled west to Himugaan River [Note: the Fabrica Map spells this river Himogaan], south to Barre bridge (17.3-11.6) Patrol returned on 1230 & reported nil activity.

E Co. at 0830 sent a squad patrol led by Lt Boykin to patrol up the railroad to (16.4-10.4) Patrol returned at 1300 and reported nil activity.

Fox Co at 240800I Lt Clements and one (1) platoon left for Fox Co CP to patrol to Danao River. At 1200I (17.-29.4) Tanon 1:250,000 made radio contact wuth "A" Co 503 Patrolled north down to Danao River The Patrol bivouaced at (17.0-29.8 Tanon 1:250,000) Civilians reported forty (40) Japs moved north up Danao 19 Jul Fifty (50) % were armed. Patrol returned nil enemy activity.





 "...........at 0855. at 1600 a native reported the enemy 1600 yds S of Bugang. Patrol of six men from each pit. under Lt. Mara left the perimeter at 1630 to investigate. The patrol reached the hut and killed one Jap, wounded another and one escaped. The patrol returned to the perimeter at 1500."



They move as fast as some do in F Company.



"7-25-45 One squad from 1st plat. to Malapasoc, reported nil activity."



"Second platoon returned from Danao at 1200 hr after spending night there. Investigated civilian reports of enemy soldiers in area but found no enemy. No activity reported for days. Company arrival of inspector general delayed because of breakdown of train."


26 July 1945




The password for 261800I thru 2708001 is: GENERAL-STIWELL.


1500 Companies sent out local security patrols. Lt Mara & 12 men at 1200 investigated a civilian report of six daps in vic of(17.9-21.6) One (1) enemy was killed..Physical condition & clothing of KIA was poor.

Permission was granted to move 2d Bn to Malopasoc.

Operations for tomorrow :

Dog Co at 0830 will send patrol #1 (1 Plat to the Macasitao River to the river junction at (16.7-29.6). It will be a two day patrol. #2 Dog Co patrol (1 plat) will leave at 0830 to reconnoiter Bonbon River south from (16.3-29.6) junction to point point (16.3-29.0) This is also a two (2) day patrol.

Easy Co. will send a two patrol to recon Cambao River Valley from (16.3-29.6) to (16.05- 29.0) Ptrl will be # 3.

Fox Co at 0830 will send ptrl #4 (a two (2) day 1 plat patrol) to recon NE to Binaguinhan River (16:9-30.4) All patrols have the mission to find and destroy the enemy.


1915 A case of scarlet fever broke out in Bn. Request information in regards to possible guaranties."



"Co. moved to Gugang and set up squad tents for general's inspection."



27 July 1945


27 July 1945

0900- "F" Company moved to Malapasoc."



" Col Jones came out to forward area to inspect new camp site."


Days activities: Had a report on seven Formosans who arrived at 261700I at the Bn CP Bn S-2 briefed them and at 261900I six (6) Formosans set out due west heading for Mt Silay with mission to get Formosans in hills to surrender.

Dog Co ptrl no 1 Lt Warren at 271500I reached (16.7-29.1) Reported nil activity. Patrol #2 Lt Lang sent in no report.

E Co patrol #3 It Loehr at 271300I (16.6-29.35) engaged an estimated ten-twelve enemy in fire fight. Six (6) E KIA and one (1) Enfield rifle captured and destroyed.

Fox Co patrol  reached obj and set up for night. Nil enemy contacted. Patrol #3 had one man wounded in fire fight.



At 0830 one (1) officer & 10 men (from F Co.) will leave Fabrica to patrol Santiago (15.4-30.3)  Patrol were sent in from forward area by scooter at 18301.


The password for 211800I thru 280800I is: TILLIE-TOILER.

"Co. worked on Co. area."



"7-27-45 2nd & 3rd plat two day patrol to Camo Valley, contacted 12 nips Kia 6 Nips Pfc Minnis WIA. Patrol return 7/28/45." 2d Bn aid station records list Pfc DeWayne Minnis: GSW upper right arm.



"First platoon left company at 0830 hr. to Altopoloa to contact and Jap soldiers in the area & destroy same. At close of period, reported no activity. Ten man patrol with Lt. Whiting left company at 2300 hr. & proceeded to Fabrica to get further instructions after arriving there."



28 July 1945




" Fox Co started moving to Malapasoc to establish CP. Easy Co patrol will remain in CamadValley one (1) more night.



 situation report:

dog Co patrol #1 thoroughly searched out river jet in vicinity of (16.7-29.1) went 2 miles each way up river. Nil activity ptrl #2 at 271600I (16.25-29.3) Observed and killed three (3) enemy in shack. Physical condition and clothing fair. Patrol returned at 281305I.

Fox Co patrol #4 at 271300 established Co CP at (16.9-30.4) Nil enemy activity reported by patrol at return.



 Operations for 29 Jul.

"D" Co ptrl #6 at 0830 will send one (1) platoon to patrol headwaters of Balala River (15.7-28.6) Patrol will remain the 30th of Jul.

"E" Co. patrol #3 will continue on mission. Rest of company will start moving to Malapasoc.

Fox Co patrol #5 at 0830 1 plat will patrol the headwaters of Himugaan.R. (15.3-28.8) Will be a two day patrol.


 The password for 2818001 thru 290800I is: JOLLY-POLLY."



"Lt Mara took out a voluntary squad to investigate a native report that Japs were in his house. The patrol reached the house guided by the Filipino and encircled it. One Nip was killed, one was wounded and one got away. The patrol returned to the Co. area that night."



"First platoon, returned from Altopoloa at 1200 hr. reporting no activity. Co. proceeded to move to Malapasoc & set up camp there. Company intact, arrived at Malapasoc, less first platoon."