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29 JULY - 4 AUGUST 1945



29 July 1945




 Situation report-

Dog - due to the lack of communication we rec'd no report from #6 at close of period.      

E Co. ptrl #3 bivouaced at (16.2-28.9) last night. Patrolled into Bon Bon River Valley and into Camao River Valley. Nil enemy activity. Patrol returned 291230I.

Fox Co - Delayed So,d patrol that went 2 mi S of Malapasoc reported nil enemy activity.


 Patrol #5 called off due to "F" Company patrol.

Oper for 30 Jul 45

Dog - at 0830 1 plat ptrl #7 will go SE to bottom ridge line (1.7.0-29.2) the(n) N following ridge line to spur line (16.8-29.85) then W along spur to CP .

"E" at 0830 ptrl #8 1 plat will go to headwaters of Himugaan R. (15.5-28.8) one day patrol.

Fox - at 0830 "F" Co, 1 LMG sec and a field artillery forward observer will leave Malapasoc on six (6) day patrol to area between Manara & Hampticon Rivers.


 The password for 301800I thru 310800I is: CHARLIE-CHAPLIN."



"The 1st plt under Lt Mara left on two day patrol into Balala Valley area. Patrol left at 0830 and returned 30 July 45. Np indications or signs on enemy were found."



"7-29-45 Broke camp and moved to Malapasoc by rail at 1000 hr. Camp set up at 1700 hr."



"Lt. Whiting and ten men proceeded to Fabrica at 2300 hr. Second, third, & mortar platoons, plus company hq. moved to Malapasoc & set up camp. Fitst platoon returned & guarded battalion hq."


30 July 1945




"The password for 301800I thru 318000I is: CHARLIE-CHAPLIN.


Situation report Dog Co - Ptrl #6 Lt Mara on 290830I went S to (16.25-29.2) crossed Bon Bon River then SW to (16.0-28.8) bivouaced. At 300730 ptrl crossed Camao and went W to (15.8-29.7). Went along Balala River. Nil activity.

At 300830 ptrl #7 Lt Warren went SE to (16.9-29.4) then N to (16.8-29.8). Then W back to spur and returned 1400. Nil activity.    

"E" Co ptrl #8 went W five (5) mi down Himugaag R. Lt Young reported no signs of enemy occupation.

Fox: No report at close of period. At 300900I the six (6) Formosans returned to Bn CP. They reached vicinity of (15.0-30.5) and patrolled vicinity. Saw no Formosans or Japs during the four days.




Operations for 31 July.

Dog - 0830 ptrl #8 (1 plat) will ptrl Bugang (16.6-29.8) E to (16.8-29.9) N to (16.9-30.8) W to (16.5-31.05) then S to Bugang. Will be two (2) day patrol. Ptrl #10 1 sqd to ptrl. area between RR & Himugaan R & between (16.6-29.8) and (16.3-30.4). Will return 311700I. Easy Ptrl #11 at 0830 (2 plats.) on 3 day patrol to thoroughly search Camao River Valley (15.5-28.4) Ptrl will cross Talabe R. Valley to river junct. (13.98-28.3)    Fox will continue on 6 day ptrl. At 301200I the six-(6) Formosans left Bn C.P. to investigate a reported five (5) enemy in vic. of 13.1-27.4. (Oper Map) mission is to get enemy to surrender. Ptrl will be gone two (2) days.


"F" Co that is located at (15.7-29.) threw red smoke trying to be located by cub. Cub flew over but never came closer than 1 mile to where F Co was located. F.O. radio was laso opened but no contact made."



"The 2nd plt under Lt Ward left at 0830 and went SE to the bottom of the ridge line. They reached Tannon Strait and from there they followed on the ridge NW until they reached the end of the spur line. From there they returned to the company area. No enemy was contacted and no signs of the enemy were found.

The 3rd plt under Lt Lange left for Malapasoc on the east side of the river. They found a shack with Nips in it and killed three while they were trying to escape. One got away. The patrol continued on for about 500 yds and set up perimeter for the night."



"7-30-45 Patrol south of Malapasoc, nil activity."



No entry.




31 July 1945




" The password for 311800I thru 010800I is APPLE-PINEAPPLE.


Situation report Dog- Er redid no word in regard to patrol #9 due to weak radio. Patrol # 10 took the prescribed route and returned 211700I. Reported no sign of enemy. Easy- No report received on patrol #11. Fox- at 08001 Capt LaVanchur8 sent a patrol #1, 1 sqd Sgt Bartlett with mission to reconnoiter on azimuth of 320 to Hampticon River. Also to recon for enemy and resupply by air area. At 0800 CO of "F" Co sent patrol #2 1 tdd, Sgt Mariscalco to recon for Japs and possible resupply drop area om 205 azimuth to Manara River. Azimuths are from Co CP at (15.7-29.6). Patrols made negative report. Operations for 1 Aug Dog- At 0830 1 sqd patrol # 12 will leave C.P. to patrol area between Bugang and Malapasoc & between R.R. & Himugaan River. Ptrl will be'one day mission: To destroy all enemy in area. Easy- Ptrl # 11 continue on mission . Fox is to continue on mission and also #9 of Dog will do the same."



"The 1st squad of the 2nd ply left on patrol which covered the ridges between the Himagayaan River and Malapasoc. No enemy, were contacted. the 3rd plt returned having no enemy contact."



"One plat. left for three day patrol to Kama() Valley, 8/1/45 Report contacted 25 enemy KIA 10, burned huts that contained Jap supplies, blew up ammo dump containing aerial bombs& small arms ammo, destroyed 15 rifles."


1 August 1945



" The password for 011800I thru 020800 is BILL-MILLS."


 Situation Report Dog - At 011630I patrol #9 Lt Lans returned to C.P. Patrol followed prescribed route. Civilians reported no enemy in area for past month. Nil enemy activity.

Patrol # 10 Sgt Flynn Patrol took prescribed route at (16.5-29.7) Civilians said six (6) Japs had been in vicinity three weeks previous. Nil enemy observed. Patrol returned at 011500I.

Easy - No report rec'd on patrol #11 at close of period.

Fox - Due to Fox company moving, we are out of communications with them.


Operations for 2d Aug 45              

Dog- Planning to move to Malapasoc.

Easy- Ptrl #11 will continue on mission.

 Fox- Company will continue on mission.



Delayed situation - at 011600 hr. (15.9-30.0) Tanon St. 1:250,000 Fox Co engaged approximately fifteen (15) enemy. Eight (8) enemy KIA. Captured one (1) HMG, one L.M.G.    fifteen (15) rifles and an enemy bivouac area. Patrol set up in bivouac area and were waiting for enemy to forage for food.


1940 Sent a request to regt'l S-3 requesting certain directions for plane flight to assist in resupply drop."




"The company rested."



"8-1-45 2nd platt., six day patrol to Bago area reported nil activity."


2 August 1945



The password for 021800I thru 030800I is: LITTLE-ALLAN.


 Situation report 

Dog- Did not move to Malapasoc due to bridge being repaired.

Easy patrol #qq Lt Boykin returned 021130. On 31 Jul nil activity. On 1st Aug (16.05-28.8) patrol obj. a group of shacks and opened fire. Accounted for ten (10) enemy K.I.A. Two (2) to three (3) Japs werein each shack. physical condition and clothing - fair. Sabers and documents found. No weapons. At 011500I (16.1-28.5) patrol found ammo dump (knee mortar shells, aerial bombs, grenades, and rifle ammo.) Patrol destroyed the dumo. Nil activity on return trip.

Fox- Capt LaVanchure report's nineteen (19) enemy K.I.A. during period killed in vicinity (15.9-30.0) KIA's were in fair physical condition. No weapons were found. Documents found will be forwarded to Reg'l S-2 at first transportation.


Operations for 3 Aug.

Dog- 0800I 40 man patrol with 4 BADS will leave on three (3) to five (5) day patrol to Camao Valley (16.05-28.8). Six (6) Formosans will be attached to get enemy to surrender. Patrol will be no #12.

Easy- At 0830 30 man ptrl will leave C.P. and "F" Co wire approx. 4 miles to open field across deep river with mission of securing all trails. Ambushes will be laid on all trails other than "E" Co trail. Three (3) days food supply will be carried. Patrol will be no #13. Mission to catch Jap stragglers from Bago area.

Fox- Continue mopping up Bago area."



"The 2nd 'squad of the 1st plt took ammo and communicat­ions equipment and set up about seven miles west of Co. area. They delivered the ammo and equipment and spent the night in 'F" Co area. On heir return the next day they killed one Jap.

"E" Company History: No entry until 9 Aug 45.



"Patrol from second and third platoons secured drip fire while rest of company remained in company area holding perimeter & getting supplies. Three patrols from company left Co. CP, met & killed 23 enemy soldiers in proximity of (15.1-30.0) Anton River Map scale 1-50,000."


3 August 1945



The password for 031800 thru 040800 is: SMALL-GIRL.


Situation report: Delayed at 021740I (15.9-30.00) "F" Co accounted for four (4) unarmed enemy. Physical condition and clothing - poor.

Dog No report received on patrol # 12 at 031100I (16.35-29.7)       1 sqd Lt Warren investigating a civilian report of seven (7) enemy, killed three (3) enemy armed with two (2) rusty rifles which were destroyed. Patrol returned at 031600I. Physical condition and clothing in very poor shape.

Easy Co - No report received from patrol no 13 at close of period.

Fox - No communications with company at close of period.


1730 Operations for 4 Aug 45    

Dog- Patrol #12 will continue on mission.

Easy Co patrol no 13 will continue on present mission 7

Fox will continue on present mission."

"The 1st plt under Lt. Mara, and the 2nd plt under Lt. Ward and one section of MG under Lt Pomeroy left Bugang to patrol the Camao Valley area. The two platoons set up a bivouac area and based operations in the central part of Camao Valley. No enemy contacted."



2 Aug 45: "First platoon recon patrol went up trail about 2 mi. east of company perimeter & reported killing one enemy soldier & burning twenty shacks. Second pla­toon reconed trail 2 mi. northwest of company perimeter & reported enemy soldiers buried in bomb craters. Burned 21 shacks before returning. Third platoon sent patrol to Malapasoc with wounded and injured personnel. No communications with battalion as yet. Fourth platoon sent patrol to Maparo river to escort radio men to company CP, returned at 1800 hr. after radio party did not arrive, company resupplied by air at 1600."


4 August 1945



The password for 041800I thru 050800I is: ROLLING-HILLS.


1600 Hq Co, the Bn Cp, and Dog Co moved to Malapasoc. Now the whole Bn is set up in Malapasoc and plans have it that "A" Battery of the 462d Prcgt FA will move 6 Aug 45.


1900 Situation report at 031750I

1 sqd from Dog Co investigating civilian report of four Japs in vic of (16.6-29.7). Patrol believed they killed two (2) but due to thick and coming darkness they returned (031900I). At 031600I (15.9-30.0) Fox Co accounted for six (6) unarmed enemy. Physical condition and clothing - fair.

Dog- Patrol #12 reported being fired on by enemy in vic of (16.05-28.8). No E.K.I.A.'s reported.

Easy- Nil report rec'd from patrol #13 in regards to enemy activity.

Fox- At 141000I in vic (15.1-29.7) a squad from "E" Killed two (2) enemy, captured two (2) rusty rifles which were destroyed. Phusical condition and clothing poor.    




Oper. for 5 Jul

Dog- Ptrl #12 will continue on mission.

Easy #13 will continue on mission.

Fox-will continue on mission.



"The 1st plt and second plt left bivouac area and moved S thru Camao Valley. At 1400 the patrol was fired on by an estimated number of 5 enemy. The patrol returned the fire and advanced on enemy position but the Japs has evacuated the area. No further enemy contacts were made. The remainder of the Co. went to Malapasoc and started cleaning up the co. area."



"First platoon patrol left company CP at 0800 hr. Pro­ceeded NE of company position encountering 3 enemy & killed same. Second platoon proceeded W. of company area, encountering 3 enemy & killing 2. Third platoon escorted car­rying party to company CP enroute, killing one enemy soldier. Company moved 200 yds. to new bivouac area."