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5 - 11 AUGUST 1945




5 August 1945



The password for 051800I thru 08001 is: HOLLOW-BILL.


Situation report: Delayed - companies in field that received aerial resupply 4th Aug reported 75% loss on ten in one due to absence of chute.

Dog - Patrol #12 burned 20-30 vacant shacks in vicinity of (16.05-28.8). Nil enemy activity.

Easy - Patrol #13 patrolled two (2) miles south and NE of their position. Reported no signs of enemy or recent occupation of same.

Fox - Nil activity morning of 5 Aug. No communication in afternoon.



All companies that were patrolling on August 4th and received aerial resupply reported a 70 to 80 % loss on ten in one rations dropped.


Operations for 6th Aug

Dog- Patrol #12 continue on mission in Camao Valley. Remainder of company will stand by at Malapasoc on call for investigation of civilian report.                

Easy Co - Patrol #13 Lt Presher will move up to Fox Co position (15.9-30.0) and releive "F" Co. Then Patrol #13 will patrol San Tiago 07 Aug and stay one night returning to (15.9-30.0) 8th Aug. On 9th Aug, patrol will prepare to return to Malapasoc. Remainder of company will stand by for patrol three (3) kilometers SE of Malapasoc.

Fox - At 0830 "F" Co will start return trip to Malapasoc. They will leave 15 men as rear guard until relieved by Easy Co Patrol #13."



"the 1st plt moved SW to investigate suspected Jap bivouac area. No enemy were contacted but the patrol burned 24 shacks.The patrol was resupplied by air at 1700. The remainder of the Co. set up camp at Malapasoc."



"First platoon sent patrol to Malapasoc escorting Major Padgett & sick personnel. Second platoon sent to recon trail net 2 mi. E. of company C area, reported no enemy activity. Third platoon patrol to Malapasoc reported back to company CP with radio party at 1600 hr."


6 August 1945




"The password for 061800I thru 070800I is: YELLOW-FELLOW.




In answer to your message (Regt'l S-3) in regards to Formosan propaganda team they are operating with patrol #12.


D,E,F,Hq, & Bn CP are now set up in Malapasoc (16.2-29.55). Able Btry. set up in Dianay (16.6-30.2).




1635 Situation report:

Dog- Patrol #12 Lt Mara patrolled radius of two (2) miles N,S, & E of his C.P. (16.05-28.8) Burned numerous shacks.Nil enemy observed.

Easy Co -Patrol #13 moved over to Fox Co position at (15.9-30.0)

Fox- Delayed. At 051400I (15.9-30.0) six (6) unarmed enemy killed. Physical & clothing condition - poor. Fox Co arrived at their base camp in Malapasoc at 061500I.


1800 Operations for 7th Aug.

Dog - Patrol #12 return to Malapaoc. Twelve (12) man patrol to escort Mr. West up to end of rail line, will leave 0800I.

Easy- patrol #13 to recon vic of (15.9-30.0).

Fox- To rest and build camp. One (1) platoon to be alerted for possible move to Fabrica to counter Jap threat there."



"The 1st and 2nd ply patrolled the Camao area but no enemy contacted."



"Company moved out at 0900 hr. for Malapasoc arriving at 1400 hr intact. Nc enemy activity."


7 August 1945




The password for 061800I thru 070800I is:


Fox Co plat was told to sit tight and await further orders on move to Fabrica.


1500 Dog - Lt Mara, patrol #12 returned to Malapasoc at 071000I. Nil enemy contacted on return trip.

Easy- Patrol #13 had nil activity for period patrolled two (2) mile radius.

Fox- Resting and building camp. "A: Btry: moved to Malapasoc.

Operations for the 8th Aug.

Dog- stand by to investigate civilian reports.

Easy-Patrol #13 Lt Presher to continue on mission.

Fox- To continue resting and buildĀ­ing camp area.


2108 Lt Lang of "D" Co with 1 plat and one (1) LMG section attached will leave Malapasoc at 087000I to investigate a reported one (1) hundred Japs at Dianay Bridge. (16.25-20.25). Tanon Strait, Formosan team will accompany patrol."



"The 1st Plt returned to Malapasoc and joined rest of company."


8 August 1945




Requested aerial resupply for E & Dog Co patrol on 10 Aug.


0845 Sent message to Regt CO stating Red Dog reports Bago area cleared of enemy.


[Note: Capt William E. LaVanchure's nickname was Red Dog].



Request sent in to make Lt Kistler CO of Fox Co.


1630 Situation report: Dog- At 0830 company moved out to {15.9-30.0) on six (6) day patrol. Nil activity to date. Easy- At 0830I E moved out on six (6) day patrol. At close of period Ptrl had reached (16.0-28.8). Nil activity. Fox- Stood by to investigate civilian reports.



1640 Dog and Easy patrol will continue on six (6) day patrol. Fox Co- will remain on alert to investigate civilian reports.



The password for 091800I thru 100800I is: ROLL-BALL.



1830 Had two (2) casualties. One Filipino was KIA and Prowse, Allen R. Pvt Fox Co 39050144- W.I.A. GS wound."



9 August 1945



"0800- Lt. Col Lawrie assumes command of RCT per GO #29. 9 Aug 45."


"The Co. led by Lt. Stover left the Co. area at 0830 on three to six day patrol into Bago area. No enemy contacted."

[Note: Apparently Red Dog's announcement went unnoticed].


"Entire Co. minus 2nd plat. six day patrol to Kamao. Contacted enemy 8/10/45- Five enemy K.I.A.- one man slightly AIA. Patrols continued in Kamao-"



F Company History

"Capt. LaVanchure relieved of command & First Lt. Samuel Kiltles assumes command." .


Now "D" and "F" Companies have new Stateside commanders. Only "E" Company,  of the 2d Battalion rifle companies, has one of the old - Joe Whitson


10 August 1945





"Col Jones leaves for States on TDY."

The old regiment is now gone. Our commander is gone. At times we might have cussed him, but he was our commander, and he was never far away. Now............... ?"



Dog - Set up in vic (15.9-30.0) awaiting aerial drop. Nil enemy contact at close of period.      

Easy - At 101100I in vic of (16.05-28.4) "E" Co ran into     sniper fire on trail entering valley. Company withdrew, laid in mortar fire and then made an attack (1 plat Lt West) on position estimated to hold twenty (20) Japs. Patrol killed five (5) enemy and knocked out onr (1) LMG. The KIAs were in good physical condition and clothing was good. Enemy had dug in positions and C.O. said they were determined to fight. Company set up perimeter approx 100 yds from Jap position tonight.

Fox - Two (2) sqd patrols one (1) to Dog patrol, other to E ptrl were dispatched from this headquarters at 101300I and will return 11 Aug 45.

A Batry moved to Fabrica.


Operations for 11 Aug:

Dog - 1 plat from (15.9-30.0) will patrol SW. Rest of company will patrol NW of Himugaan.

Easy - will launch dawn attack on enemy positions at (16.05-28.4).

Fox - Two (2) courier patrols will return. Rest of company standing by to investigate civilian reports.


The password for 101800I thru 110800I is: HELL'S-BELL'S.



Sent message to regt in regards to aerial resupply drop. Easy Company drop was commendable but Dog Co drop was landed in Bn. area at Malapasoc.


"The Co. bivouac area and drop zone were located and the 1st plt under Lt. Mara moved out to patrol the south bank of the Himtican River. No enemy were contacted. The 3rd plt. under Lt. Lange moved to locate new bivouac area for company. No enemy were contacted."

E Company will have no entry until 14 Aug.


F Company will have no entry until 13 Aug.


11 August 1945




Password for 111800T thru 120800I is: WILD-BILL.


Situation report -

Dog - One (1) plat is set up at (15.9-30.0) patrolled three (3) miles down - Hampticon River. Nil activity. No radio contact with Dog Company.

Easy - Company is now set up at (15.7-28.35) Platoon patrol sent S. and W. reported no trail to Bago River. Nil enemy contacted. Company contacted no Nips on morning's mission.        

Fox - Nil activity.


Oper for 12 Aug 45.

Dog - will receive aerial drop. Company will continue on mission

Easy - Patrol will receive resupply. Patrol will continue on mission.

Fox - Nil activity.

"The 2nd plt under Lt. Ward moved S to patrol trail net leading to Bago River. The remainder of the Co. under Lt. Stover crossed Himican river and moved NE with the mission of contacting 2nd Bn. 53rd Filipino Regt which was moving S along Himagaan River. One Nip was sighted but escaped our fire. Co set up perimeter 500 yds N of Himitican River. The 2nd platoon returned to their former perimeter."