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12 - 18 AUGUST 1945



12 August 1945



 The password for 121800I thru 130800I is: BULL-HALSEY.


 Situation report: Dog- 1 plat Lt. Ward located at (15.5-29.85) has been ordered to return to Bn C.P. at Malapasoc. The remainder of company now located at (16.05-30.15). Nil enemy activity at close of period. Easy- C.O. of Easy Co. sent out plat. Patrols looking for possible trail to Bago river. At the close of period patrols had not returned. Fox - Had nil activity for today.


 Operations for 13 Aug.

Dog- Company moving 90 azimuth to R.R. to pick up supplies. Then company mission will be to investigate a civilian report of one hundred (100) enemy wanting to surrender in vic. of Dianay Bridge. Patrol will scatter surrender leaflets in area.

Easy - Will continue in their mission.

Fox - 1 squad to act as security for mine field detector party which has mission of removing mine field in vic of San Tiago.


The Co. remained in their bivouac area awaiting resupply. Local patrols were sent out but no enemy contacted. Resupply was dropped at 1600. Co. spent the night in the same perimeter. The 2nd plt returned to Co. area at 1930.


13 August 1945



The password for 131800I thru 140800I is SAL-DALLY.


Situation report: Dog Co. report at 1312001 moved to Dianay (10.4-30.2). Sent out security patrols. Nill enemy activity. Easy Co - Located at (15.9-28.8). Nil enemy activity. Found no trail to Bago area. Lt Boykin patroled S.E. of Easy C.P. No enemy contacted. Fox Co.- 13110I One sqd patrol with mine detector sqd moved to San Tiago (Santiage) vicinity (15.6-30.4) for overnite mission of removing minefield. At 131045I at (16.3-30.4) eleven (11) Formosans surrendered to Civilians. Enemy unarmed. Poor physical conditions. Sent to rear at 1400 hr.


 Operations for 14 Aug.- Dog Co- Civilian reports 300 Nips in San Diago area."


"The Co. moved out at 1899 with instructions to contact "F" Co. patrol on RR track at Dian-Ay bridge. contact was made at 1400 and Co set up perimeter along the tracks."

"One squad from second platoon with eight engineer attached reported back to company CP at 1600 hr. Two groups of Japs were encountered with the patrol killing two & wounding an unknown number of others."


14 August 1945



The password for 141800I thru 1508001 is   WILL-BILL.


Fox Co patrol reports being attacked by a force of about 30 Japs. Believe 2 enemy KIA. Er suffered no casualties continuing on mission.


Message sent to regt to sumarize present situation. Second pltn Dog Co vic. Hamticon River searched out all trails to S. ans S.W., reports no enemy remaining that vic. Engineers with one sqd patrol moved yesterday afternoon to old guerilla camp, San Taigoprea, this morning at 0800 were attacked by est, thirty enemy, no casualties, enemy casualties unknown. second pltn dog Co departed this AM to secure Engineers and engage enemy. Repeated civilian reports indicate numerous enemy vic Dianay many desiring surrender.

 Remainder Dog Co now operating that vic with mission to destroy or capture enemy. fox Co will assume mission moving N to Mabini (15.5-32.1). Easy Co continues mission from Camao Valley, reports nil enemy activity. One possible but extremely difficult route to Bago river, no trail, estimated four days journey.


Requested permission to recall easy Co to Malapasoc.


situation report- At 0800 Fox Co patrol was attacked by est. thirty enemy. No casualties. Enemy casualties unknown. Delayed report on 13 Aug activity observed three groups of Japs. Tried to take them prisoner but they fled. First group was fifteen men and seven civilians. Second group had fifteen men possibly civilians with them. Third group eleven Jap soldiers armed with rifles. 300 Japs reported in San Diego area by civilian. Dog Co LT Ward with one pltn departed to secure Engineers and engage enemy. Contacted Fox Co patrol at 1530 unable to locate mine field. CO 2d Bn requested regt to have 40 Div pick up mines. No enemy contacted at end of period. Remainder of Dog Co at Dainay. Nil enemy contacted at end of period. Esy Ci reports nil enemy activity. Found one possible but extremely difficult route to Bago River. No trail. Est four day journey.


operations for 15 Aug. Dog Co. Stay at Dainay to investigate civilian reports. Fox Co. Proceed to Mabini 915.5-32.1) with mission of capturing or destroying enemy in that area. Easy co. Waiting orders to return to Malapasoc.


Received permission to move Easy Co back to Malapasoc.

Continue to patrol Dianay area distributing surrender leaflets and investigating civilian reports of enemy desires to surrender. Easy Vo.- Will continue on mission. Fox CO.- Patrol- Have reached guerilla camp at San Diego. guard informs us that the mine field is 10 Km from here. Cannot reach it until late tomorrow afternoon. We have rations for only today and tomorrow. Have made contact with three Jap parties. We waved to them to try to take them prisoner but the fled. First party consisted of 15 men, seven civiliabs (sic) with them. Second party consisted of 15 men possably (sic) civilians with them. Third group was 11 Jap soldiers armed with rifles. There has been scattered small arms fire on all sides of us. Possably (sic) signal fire by Japs.

[Note: This clerk is either very tired or has been drinking too much tuba].


Mesage received from regt- Radio Manila says WORLD IS AT PEACE."


"The 1st plt under Lt Mara moved SE toward Himagon River to contact any enemy desiring to surrender. No contacts were made. The 2d plt. under Lt Ward left the Co. area to meet a squad of "F" Co. and a squad of engineers in the Santiage area. No enemy contacted."

"Co E Rec first Official News of the End of the War.

No entry. Next entry will be 1 September 45.



15 August 1945



The password for 1518001 thru 160800 is FALL-WALL.


Easy Co returned to Malapasoc.


Message recived from regt- WAR IS OVER.


Air strike in Bago area by Navy planes results unobserved.


Situation report- Fox Co patrol returned to Malapasoc. Nil enemy contacted. Dog Co returned to Malapasoc. Nil.enemy activity. Easy Co. returned to Malapasoc. Made no enemy contact.


Operation report for 16 Aug- Bn set up at Malapasoc standing by to investigate civilian reports."


"PEACE DECLARED and all patrols called in. The 2nd plt returned to the Co. area and the remainder of the Go. remained at the Dian-Ay Bridge awaiting transportation."

"News of the end of the war. Ret to Malapasoc 8/15/45."


16 August 1945



 Situation report- Dog, Easy, & F Cos sent out local security and recon patrols. Reported nil activity.


Operations for 17 Aug. 2nd Bn companies will send out local security patrols and remainder of companies will stand by to investigate civilian reports,


Message sent to Capt McRoberts Regt. S-2 on 14 Aug. 45. The report of 300 Nips in vic of Dianay wishing to surrender was a verbal one from a member of the Formosan team to Capt. Daunis. The Formosan gained the information from one (1) of the eleven (11) Pow's taken that day. Report is believed very exaggerated as our patrols in that area reported nil findings.


Message sent to CO regt.- At 1830 916.3-30.5) one (1) Formosan surrendered to Filipiones. POW unarmed & poorly equipted. lightly wounded in Rt. hip. Will send to rear by first train.,,


"The remainder of the Co. returned to Malapasoc and went into GARRISON."


No entry. Next entry 21 Aug 45.


17 August 1945


17 August 1945

"Radiogram from Eighth Army Area command announces Japs have ordered hostilities to cease at 161600."

This is the final D Company entry.



 The password for 171800 thru 180800 is KILLER-DILLER.


Situation report. Continue local security and recon. patrols. Reported nil activity.

Operations for 18 Aug.- 2nd Bn. will send out local security and recon. patrols. Remainder of companies will stand by to investigate civilian reports."


18 August 1945



 The password for 181800 thru 190800 is WILD-WILL.


Situation report- Continued local security and recon patrols. Reported nil activity.

Operations for 19 Aug: Bn will send out local security and recon patrols. Remainder of companies will stand by to investigate civilian report."