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7 - 13 OCTOBER 1945



7 October 1945


The whole week was devoted to improving the area. Saturday a very satisfactory inspection took place.


8 October 1945


Bn maintained training schedule stressing military courtesy and discipline.


9 October 1945


1st Lt William T. Calhoun assumed command from 1st Lt. Lewis B. Crawford, Jr. 1st Lt. Joe M. Whitson, Jr. & 16 men left for rejustment, U.S.A.


I arrived back from the 133d General Hospital, Leyte Island, back on Negros and caught the battalion at Pulapandan the night before they embarked on LSM #50 for Dumaguette. My homecoming was saddened by the news that another brother had been killed a few days before. He was Mike Natalie, 2d squad, 1st platoon, F company. He’d joined the unit in Brisbane and had served long and well as one of our better soldiers. He was always one of my dependables. He was killed in a jeep accident near Pulapandan.

 We left Pulapandan early in the morning and arrived at the docks at Dumaguete the following afternoon, as I remember. I believe we were trucked straight to our new regimental area. As soon as we detrucked I was ordered to report to a CO, I believe LTC Lawrie. It could have been the battalion commander, but to the best of my memory it was Lawrie. I was told that I was to proceed immediately by jeep back to Fabrica and take command of E Company. 1st Lt John Lindgren was the Provost Marshall in charge of handling the prisoners, with “E” Company furnishing the guards. I was already disappointed over missing the shipment home with Joe Whitson, Tom McNerney, and others, so I protested that I had 124 points which was more than enough to send me home. The CO said he had to have me at Fabrica for a short time, and he would find a relief for me shortly. He outlined several things he wanted done immediately. I drew a jeep and driver, loaded up my gear and set out for Fabrica.

We arrive at the east end of the bridge over the Himogaan River sometimes after 0100Text Box: r
Text Box: 133.

 that night. I well remember crossing the footpath across the blown span in heavy pedestrian traffic. The ferry only operated during daylight hours, so the jeep could not be brought over until morning. I went on up to the American quarters on the hill and assumed my command. I believe there is a mistake in the company history and I arrived about a week earlier than stated in that history. I know for sure Joe Whitson had gone on before the date stated in the history, because I wanted to see him, but missed him. I think the biggest problem in Fabrica could have been settled by bringing two lieutenants, who were senior to Crawford, down to Dumaguette. Although they were senior in grade to Crawford, they had not served the regiment very well. One had been overseas as long as I, but had always missed the combat. Anyway things got settled, and I finally was relieved to go home.


10 October 1945



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11 October 1945



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12 October 1945



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13 October 1945


Saturdays satisfactory inspection pleased all.



24 EM left for rejustment to U.S.A.