"Frank Foster, Company G, of Williston, North Dakota, served on Mindoro and Negros from March 1945, until reassignment to the 11th Airborne and transfer to Japan late that year.  He purchased a set of photos from an unidentified member of the 503d, who shared his experiences in the Philippines.  The photographer indexed the pictures and sold as many sets as he could.  Frank thinks he took delivery of the pictures after returning home in May 1946.  Frank, (pictured above in late 1944 when he visited the homestead on leave following completion of training at Fort Benning, and immediately prior to being shipped overseas,) is also visible in picture #76, back row, second from left, and in #77, holding the sword."


All photographs in this feature are  2005 Courtesy Frank Foster, "G" Company, 503d PRCT.,  via Steven Foster.  Retouching & Display 1999-2005 & 503d PRCT Heritage Bn.  Last Edited: 11 April, 2011






"It may seem unusual, but the photograph albums which many troopers of the 503d have kept down through the years have in common a number of identical photographs. This has occurred for reasons beyond the simple expedient of  trading extra photos between ourselves. Here's why.."



All photographs in this feature are  Courtesy Frank Foster, "G" Company, 503d PRCT.,  Retouching & Display The Corregidor Historic Society, 1999-2005 & 503d PRCT Heritage Bn.