"The firing by Battery "I" 59th C.A. and Battery "D" 60th C.A. (A.A.) was the first firing of the Harbor Defenses on the enemy." 

Battery I, 59th Coast Artillery (Anti Aircraft) operated four 3-inch guns, on the eastern end of Ft. Hughes, Caballo Is., and then additionally (when one platoon of Marines was attached),  Battery Craighill, Battery Leach (and the beach defense of the eastern end of  Ft. Hughes, Caballo Is.

The author of the Unit History  is presently unknown, but was probably
by 1st Lt. Stockton D. Bruns.

Also included is a short history "as writted" by Pvt. Richard C. Hansen

Ft. Hughes, Caballo Island  - photo essay by Tony Feredo