"The Philippine Scouts were superb.  My enlisted Scouts were far superior to Philippine Army officers and even more superior to Philippine Army enlisted men.  The Scouts were brave, dependable, willing to work until they dropped from exhaustion.  Completely committed to doing their duty.  I cannot speak highly enough of the scouts I knew." 

Order of Battle 91st Coast Artillery Regiment Philippine Scouts
Organization and Assignments 1941-1942

Order of Battle 92nd Coast Artillery Regiment Philippine Scouts
Organization and Assignments 1941-1942

 A Short History of the 91st Coast Artillery by George Munson

HQ and HQ Battery performed administrative duties, supplied MPs for the Provost Marshall, and electricians and searchlight operators for Ft. Hughes.  

Battery A had three primary duties:  maintain the mine equipment and cables, lay and operate mine fields, and man Battery Martin (two 155inm 6PF guns).  

Battery B manned Battery Morrison (two 6-inch guns) and Battery James (four 3-inch guns).  

Battery C changed its primary assignment during this decade.  It manned half of Battery Geary (four 12-Inch mortars) then switched to manning Battery Morrison (two 6-inch guns), Battery James  (four 3-inch guns) and mobile 155 mm GPF guns.

Battery D manned half of Battery Geary (four 12-inch mortars). Although being stationed on Ft. Mills, it was also responsible for manning Batteries Greer and Crofton (one 14-inch gun each) on Ft. Frank  

Battery E manned Battery Grubbs (two 10-inch guns)  

Battery F manned four 155mm GPF guns and four searchlights on Ft. Frank  

Battery G shared the mine duties with Battery A and manned Battery Ramsey (two 6-inch guns)