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To the tourist, the US is a kind of ocean of memes that is overwhelming and nearly incomprehensible, not just geographically, but in its social effect.

I had travelled the USA several times during the 1980's, doing the whole road-trip thing in a Volkswagen Kombi.  I loved life on the Interstate and thought a road trip would help me unwind from the stress of my law firm. Essentially, it was a cheap mid-life crisis as I didn't need to buy a red Porsche or a Harley Davidson.

I compiled a photo album, as many do, but it was a heavy and unwieldy thing, and languished under a layer of dust and junk for more than twenty years. I get depressed between book projects, and was still suffering post-completion blues after "Manila 1945 - Aftermath -" when I came upon my old photo album. I was in need of a creative project that would keep me fresh, and still develop my skills.

That's really the nub of it. It is a self-indulgence.  I don't want to lose the ability to dream. It's my digital dreamtime.

"Was this mine?" or even the more confronting "Was this ME?"

This book is being published at cost, without an author's premium.