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 MANILA 1945 - AFTERMATH - a Special Edition coffee-table book of images of Manila 1945, together with featured essays by the author, by historian Peter C. Parsons and by pre-eminent Filipino Historian Prof. Dr. Ricardo T. Jose.  The book is presented in a full color  12 x 12 inch (33 x 28 cm) format,  344 pages, and with more than 600 images.  It weighs approx 3 lbs.

As an educational resource without parallel, it probably presents the most comprehensive collection of images of Manila in 1945 generally available.

Q: Can I see a preview?   A: Sure, we don't expect you to judge the book by its cover. Click here for the preview.
Q: What is the price of the book?   A: It depends on the edition.

US$209.79 for Library Quality Hardcover, Dust Jacket;

US$209.79 for Library Quality Hardcover, ImageWrap.

The ePub version for iPad  is $9.99.
Q: That's outrageous!! Why is it so poisonously expensive?   A: The book was prepared for offset printing and distribution in Manila. This didn't happen as  our former "so-called" literary agent, after seeing our pre-publication version, had ideas to bring out his own book, in competition.  Consequently, "AFTERMATH" is released as print-on-demand product by the Blurb printing company ex San Francisco. The cost of print-on-demand books depends on their physical size and  the number of pages which they contain, the type of cover, end-pages, etcetera.. This book is hardcover,  full color on quality paper, and presented in a large coffee-table size of  12 x 12 inch (30 x 30 cm) format,  and delivers in at 344 pages.   Blurb's actual printing costs are 95% of the price that you pay.  You heard that right! To that, they add shipping.  Complain to them, not to me, I have to pay their prices too. 
Q: Are there discount vouchers or  coupons available to lower the price?   A: Yes, but you have to look for them. I suggest you Google the words ",  Discount, Coupon" and the current month.  Sometimes you can score between 10% and 30% depending on how much they need their cash-flow in San Francisco.
Q: I have heard there are different versions of this book. What's with that? A: That's right. It's "print-on-demand product" and specil versions have been printed for Australian and American distribution.  The most recent version has been prepared for the MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk VA.

Special Versions can be ordered which reflect a brand or sponsorship.  
Q: Why not list it on Amazon?   A: Amazon require a margin of full Blurb printing costs + 40%.  For me to make a five buck a copy royalty, you want to pay Amazon 140% of what the Blurb price is?
Q:  Can I get a pdf file of the book?   Yes, an instant PDF version is available for  US$7.99.  See the pdf preview page.
Q: I have an Apple iPad tablet. Is there a version for it?    A: Yes.  It's optimized for Apple products and sells at $9.99.  Click below and the link will take you to the preview.
Q: I have an an Android tablet. Will there be an Android version released?   The publisher creates an ePub file only. It's optimized for Apple products. It might work on a non-Apple machine, I don't know. If you have other ePub files working on your Android platform, then this should work.  Is it my fault you didn't buy an iPad?
Q: How do I buy it?    Only through the publisher - and you get there via the PREVIEW PAGE.