The Images of George Ruhlen

by  Paul F. Whitman
Standard Landscape 10x8 in, 25x20 cm format,  216 pages.

n a study prepared in 1933 by Brigadier General Stanley D. Embick, harbor defense commander on Corregidor, and endorsed by Major General Ewing E. Booth, then commander of the Philippine Department, it was recommended that American military and naval units be withdrawn from the exposed Philippines to a defense line extending from Alaska through Hawaii to Panama.

           Embick asserted that the islands had become "a military liability of a constantly increasing gravity. To carry out the present Orange Plan with its provisions for the early dispatch of our fleet to the Philippine waters — would be literally an act of madness . . . In the event of an Orange War the best that could be hoped for would be that wise counsels would prevail, that our people would aquiesce in the temporary loss of the Philippines."

          Embick's recommendation was entirely unacceptable to the Navy planners, and was rejected by the War Department. Both had the benefit of not being in the Philippines.

          Corregidor remained constant, in an existance that was both charming in its simplicity, but reckless and carefree in the face of a certain eventuality, its own destruction.

          In short, it was idyllic.

Q: Can I see a preview?   A:  Yes, but be aware, now might not be the time to purchase this book. I am working on  re-releasing it as a Large Format 13 x 11 inch (Coffeetable) size.  The images by George Ruhlen are that good!   Included in the reissue will be two further features,

* Lost Corregidor by Selma Harrison Calmes  and
* Fort Drum - The Concrete Battleship of Manila Bay

You might keep an eye out for it during the next few months. .

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