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"Since the war, many people have asked me what was combat really like, as if a few words from me could put it all into some sort of grand perspective that made sense of it all. What was it really like?

All I can tell them is "Would you really risk understanding what combat was truly like, if you knew there was a risk that nightmares would wake you up for the rest of your life?"

Being fresh from the farm, and one of the lowest in rank, no one had any reason to inform Chet Nycum where he was going or what he could expect when he got there, even though the purpose was quite clear to him. It's now a lifetime later, and Chet's memories remain vivid.

This is Chet Nycum's war as he remembers it, the one that still invades his dreams.

286 pages, profusely illustrated. The preview is limited, I'm not giving the shop away.