ANDE, Leroy E.
11 November 1942

Indorsement: The 2d Bn 503d PIR which departed for England under Lt. Col. Edson D. Raff, officially was the first US Paratroop unit to be shipped overseas during WWII, but did not keep that designation. They were in England between 10 June 1942 (Gouroch, Scotland actually, and then Hungerford, England) and departed for La Siena, Algeria on 7 November, 1942. Their combat jump occurred on 8 November, 1942 after a flight of 1600 miles.  At a point still subject to debate, the 2d Bn 503 were redesignated as "D" Company of the 509th Parachute Infantry, even though the men who conducted that operation remained of the belief that they were the second battalion of the 503d. Administratively, the date of the redesignation is recorded as occurring on 2 November 1942. Yet, when the 503d reached Australia, for the purposes of its reports to higher headquarters, it still carried 4 Battalions - one of which was Raff's command. This situation continued for a period of 4-6 mths. Burials of the men killed in Algeria are officially recorded as members of the 503d PIR, not of the 509th PIR.


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