BECKER, Caspar
1 LT
23 October 1945


Dear Sir, 
I was looking at the list of members of the unit that died in WWII.  Most of the names list which company they were in, where they died and cause/date of death. 
A 1st Lt Casper Becker does not list any of those.  My mother said he had gone to Pharmacy school in Philadelphia before going in the army, so I would assume he was a medical officer.  She said he died of Polio 23 Oct 45 at Ft McKinley in Manila.  So in your codes I guess that would be a DNB for non battle casualty.  I guess there is no way to know which part of the unit he was in?
I've been to Corregidor back in 2005 and going again this Feb 09.  Might also go to the cemetary in Manila.
Thanks in advance for any information....
sincerely, Scott Schlitte (retired army)

--- On Tue, 10/14/08, HELEN wrote:
Caspar Becker who died over in the Phillipines, died of polio.. I remember him as a boy when I was little.  He never married.  His parents sent him to Pharmacy School, before he joined the Army.


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