2 May 1945

The "D" Company History for 2 May 1945 contains the following entry:

At 0900 the CO, Lt. Collins, with Lt Watkins and seven men moved NE along the road for the purpose of locating a platoon outpost. Approximately 900 yds. from the perimeter the group was ambushed by several enemy armed with automatic weapons. S/Sgt. Wister, platoon sgt. of the attached machine guns, was killed and the intensity of the enemy fire did not allow the group to neutralize the enemy fire or recover S/S Wister's body. The group withdrew but were again fired upon at approximately 100 yds. along the road. Pvt. Buchanan of the attached machine guns was killed. A patrol of two squads under S/Sgt. Davis, which had left the CP at 0930 to reconnoiter the area to the north of the road, heard the firing and assaulted the enemy on the left flank. The attack was repulsed. and S/Sgt. Davis was wounded in the leg. The patrol reorganized under S/Sgt. Minor and again assaulted the position causing the enemy to withdraw. Reinforcements consisting of the 3rd platoon, mortar platoon, and one section of machine guns were ordered from the CP. Attempts to lay mortar preparation on the area failed because of the heavy rain ruining the available ammunition. The attack continued with one squad under S/Sgt. Howard and one section of light machine guns moving up the road to east and the 3rd platoon under Lt. Watkins moving up the ridge to the port. As the 3rd platoon moved thru the area as skirmishers an enemy automatic weapon opened fire on the right flank killing Pfc. Slowe, but because of the thick undergrowth and heavy rains the enemy could not be located. The platoon continued on until it joined the machine gun section on the road and then under covering machine gun fire and small arms fire the first squad under Sgt. Dablock advanced and recovered S/Sgt Wister's body. The enemy had stripped the body of all equipment and some clothing. The Co. returned at 1400.

Extract from "Bless 'em All"


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