12 July 1944
First Addition; Block 28; East 1/2
 Lot 6; Space # 2
Greenleaf Cemetery, Brownwood, TX


When the 3rd Battalion took off for Noemfoor, 1Lt. Joe Phelan’s plane developed engine troubles and had to return to Hollandia. He and his men were then attached to come in with the 2nd Battalion, who were due to take off the following morning. The 2nd Battalion drop was cancelled for reasons not immediately known (but due to high injuries during the first jump) and there was a lull for all those keyed up to go into action.  During this time, two of Phelan's men, Privates J. T. Coffee and Frank Gunderman, had wandered up into the hills and had joined with a company in the 41st Division. In making an attack, both were killed. Gunderman's body was never recovered.

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