De VRIES, Andrew P.
12 April 1945


We arrived on Negros April 6, 1945 and moved into the hills that day.
First few days "G" and "I" companies move into foothills of mountains. Both suffer casualties.
On April 12th "H" company moves forward to knock out Jap positions.
Two tanks (US) move up road with us. Tanks are buttoned up but have telephones attached to rear for us to talk with crew.
We are very exposed to fire while talking with crew and pointing out targets.
We are taking mortar, machine gun, and rifle fire from Japs now.
The 40th Division delivers several rounds of 4.2 mortar fire on enemy positions.
This helps quite a bit.
Japs had planted aerial bombs in roadway as they backed up hills.
Aerial bomb explodes. - Six "H" men wounded. One man - DeVries --- dies
Devries death was caused by the bomb but could have been the result of shrapnel or enemy small arms fire.
Wish I could be more specific but we immediately moved out to capture the hill...
Communications were limited because of our impaired hearing from the blast.

Jim Mullaney


On 30 December 2015, Kelli McMorrow wrote to advise that the listing of Andre P. DeVries should be corrected to Andrew DeVries, and that the basis of information was that he was her great-great uncle. She verified this further by linking to the photograph of his headstone at Grove Hill Cemetery, Morrison, Illinois. 

Photo credit for the headstone is Dave & Pam Jindrich


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