DOUGLAS, Charles S.
4 May 1945
Negros, P.I.

There is an inconsistency as to Douglas' date of death, specifically as to the date of the action in which he was killed. There are two "E" Company Histories, and in referring to Douglas, they are a day apart.  One refers to an action which took place on 4 May,  but does not name the Trooper.

Entire Co with LMG's moved up road past F Co 500 yds, picking up 1st platt at 0900 hr. For 1 hr. previous to 0900, area to be occupied had been dive bombed by Corsair's, plastered by 75's, 4.2 mortar's. Area was occupied, patrols sent out, men dug in, patrols returned without any Jap interference. At 1530 hr. Nips opened up from our rear with mortar and 1MG. One man KIA, 2 WIA. no activity during the night.

It's entry of  5 May continues:

Co H.Q., 1st platt. and 1 squad fr mortar platt pulled back of Fox Co, 2nd & 3rd platt, LMG's, and one squad of mortar's remained to support Item Co. No activity during night."

The other "E" Company History states for 5 May:

"5 May Company moved forward 500 yds., received mortar fire, P.F.C. Douglas K.I.A. 2 men W.I.A."

These diaries were written some time after the action, and because of this, mistakes were made. (We're fortunate to have them at all!) One source, which though it does contain mistakes, is the Medical Log kept by Leabhart, and overall it is relatively reliable in the big issues.  This medical log lists Douglas as being killed 4 May.


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