HALL, Karsten L.
New York
4 June 1945

Toward evening the second platoon was called on to maneuver around the Japanese position and attack from the rear.  As a scout I was, once again, to lead 1st and 3rd platoons up on a frontal attack.  At dawn I received orders to move out.  I carefully moved back up the same path I had taken two times before.  Just as I reached the military crest of the hill I heard the Nambu open up.  It fired two bursts of about five rounds each. I leaped forward to get into the fight and one of the second platoon men waved me down and pointed to my left front, where there was one of our  men down.

The Japanese had pulled the gun from the bunker to a point in the left rear where they could see anyone moving across the top.

Unfortunately, Karsten Hall had to be the scout that got to their position first.  He was hit in the upper torso and died instantly.

Chet Nycum


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