HOLDER, Kenneth M
29 April 1945

The 2nd Bn S-3 Journal for 29 April 1945 contains the following entry: 

Suffered our heaviest day yesterday for casualties, 8 KIAs, 17 WIAs. D having 9 casualties, E Co-7, Hq-5, and F Co-4. Bn strength by Co as follows, Hq Co-10-0,127-EM, D Co 3-0,88-EM, E Co 4-0,95-EM, F Co 4-0,104-EM. All companies reported attempted infiltration that was repulsed.Activities today confined to patrols from their respective perimeters. Bn C.P. moved forward at 0830 to (40.05-97.23).Demo section blew up total of 38 caves in which there were several dead bodies. 1630 F Co moved forward to secure high ground encountering sniper fire. Sniper fire accounted for most of our casualties of yesterday the 28th.

"E" Company was designated to move forward, with other troops to move into their vacated positions. The "E" Company History contains two entries which, between them, suggests the circumstances in which S/Sgt Holder was killed:

"Remained in position. No enemy activity during the night. Two (2) squads of first Plt patrol out 600 yds from prem. No enemy contacted."

The other E Company History entry: "S/Sgt Holder KIA and 1 man W.I.A by sniper fire."

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