NICKEL, Raymond F.
 20 April 1944

NEGROS:  3d platoon under Lt. Watkins, attacked and secured ridge to left front of company. No resistance encountered but intense mortar fire was received killing platoon sgt. Rabe, wounding Lt. Preston in the leg, and Pvt Ladig suffered shell shock. The platoon was forced to withdraw. At 1330 the 1st Platoon, under Lt Nikle and the platoon leader Lt. Mara secured the hill and advanced to the next hill  on the right front. Only mild resistance was encountered on the assault but as soon as the hill was secured the enemy countered with very intensive machine gun and small arms fire from the front and both flanks supplemented by accurate mortar fire.

A mortar shell killed Lt. Nickle, amputated T/4 Upchurch's leg causing him to bleed to death, and slightly wounding Pfc. McLaughlin. Pfc Huerter was lightly wounded in a few minutes by mortar fragments, and Lt. David, in command of attached MG platoon, was killed by an enemy sniper."

"D" Co History
20 April 1945


Lt. Nickel's entry in the Honor Roll

Lt. Nickel's circumstances of death, in context.  


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