OWCZARAK, Bernard T.
 23 April1945

"at 0545 enemy again attempted to infiltrate but was driven off by automatic weapons fire. One enemy confirmed killed. At 0900 "E" and "F" Cos. moved NE along D co. front. At 1400 the company less the 3rd platoon moved to ridge approximately 400 yds. to the direct front without opposition. At 1630 the 3rd platoon under Lt. Watkins joined the Co. and then moved to the next ridge for reconnaissance. Upon reaching reaching the top of the ridge the platoon came upon a enemy HMG and several supporting pillboxes. The platoon killed two enemy and then withdrew under heavy automatic fire. Pvt. Pitchford was killed and Pvt. Ozarzah wounded by enemy sniper fire, both machine gunners from Hq. Co. Qt 1745 Lt. Beaty in command of attached machine guns was wounded by sniper fire. During the night several attempted infiltrations were repulsed. No casualties."

Extract from D CO HISTORY, 25 APRIL 1945

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