31 May 1945
Negros Occidental

Lt. Calhoun recalls:

During the morning of 30 May, Lt. Bailey moved "F" Company back to the position they had occupied the day before. The Japs were still in the same defensive positions and took them under fire. Leaving the company a little further up the hill, Bailey, Taylor and an artillery officer of the 462d PFaBn. worked their way down to the nest in order to be in a position to bring in the artillery concentration on target.

The FO was in between the other two. They were all on their knees in order to see down the hill. When the FO called for the first adjusting round, or one of the first rounds,  hit the tree tops above their heads and exploded. Bailey and Taylor were untouched, but the FO groaned and fell forward face down. A large piece of shrapnel had split the front of his helmet and penetrated his skull. They brought him to the aid station, and I could see the large piece of shell still embedded in his forehead. He lived until the next day groaning continuously. It was an unnerving experience to all of us there, but he was beyond help.

I had tried to find out for years the name of the FO who was fatally wounded on the morning of the 29th. Dude (George) Aubry was on an FO team too, remembered him, but not his name.  Dude could even remember that the lieutenant was a replacement and the approximate date he was hit.  None of the other artillery people with whom I have spoken remembered the incident.  

I eventually found the man's name in Leabhart's medical journal. He was 2d Lt Joseph J. Parme, and he died 30 May.



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