New York
24 February 1945
Long Island National Cemetery, NY.


This website doesn't know the circumstances of Scardapane's death, but has acquired a map from another 'trooper. (See below)  The map is a portion of the photomap (a map based on a series of aerial photographs) printed on the obverse side of the Corregidor jump map. It indicates that Scardapane was killed at a position approximately on the north-east slope of  Malinta Hill.   Scardapane was with the HQ & Hq Co, 1st Bn.  By the afternoon of 23 February, the 503d had established a CP high on Malinta Hill where there was an excellent view of the eastern half of Corregidor.  An assault by Maj. Wood's 1st Battalion, reinforced by a pair of tanks, had been ordered to commence at 0730 hrs on the 24th February.  Capt. William T. Bossert's "A" Co. attacked around the southern area of the hill towards Camp Point, with Capt. Wirt R. Cate's "B" Co and Capt. John P. Rucker's "C" Co moving around the northern flank past Engineer and Artillery Points, towards Infantry Point.  Prior to the commencement of the attack, Malinta Hill was rocked by several major explosions from its tunnels, in quick succession. There was a severe friendly fire incident involving five paratroopers and one of the supporting tanks near the hospital tunnel portal, when a group of Japanese charged out of the tunnel and became mixed with the paratroopers.

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