WICKS, Daniel H.
13 May 1945
Negros, P.I.

The regimental S-3's Periodic Report No. 33 contains the following entry:

2d Bn: Bn displaced to new RCT Sector arriving and going into bivouac at 121645 in vicinity (36.1-89.2). Nil activity night of 12-13. One platoon "F" co moved out NE to remove booby traps previously placed along trail by 40th Recco. Troops. Two of our troops were killed and one injured when a mine exploded along the trail. It has not been determined if the mine was due to the enemy relocating our own traps, emplacement of his own or one of our own not removed. "E" Co moved along the trail beyond the mine field and began patrolling forward. Nil contact at end of period..

The D Co. History for 13 May, 1945 contains the following entry:

At 0830 the 2nd platoon under T/Sgt Howard advanced east to act as security for engineers deactivating booby traps set out three weeks previously. The 3rd platoon under Lt. Watkins followed to improve trail. With their mission accomplished the 2nd platoon set out security until the position was taken over by "E" Co. As the 2nd platoon started to return at 1230, Pvt.Wicks activated a Bouncing Betty that had been overlooked. The explosion killed Pvt. Payne instantly, mortally wounded Pvt. Wicks and wounded Sgt. Nagy in the foot. Filipino litter bearers evacuated the dead and wounded and the patrol returned at 1230.


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