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Edward D. Goetz

Sgt,  "HQ & HQ Co." 3d Bn, 503rd PRCT

D. O. W., Noemfoor

13 July 1944


Some of the tragedy of the circumstance of Goetz' death come to us from a notation contained on the final physical report of  Cpl. Maurice P. Laughlin.

"Cpl. Maurice P. Laughlin Jr was awarded the Soldiers Metal for his contribution of two and one half pints of blood in an attempt to save the life of Sgt Edward D. Goetz, a constant companion of Cpl Laughlin.  The transfusions aided Sgt Goetz to rally for a short time but, the wounds of Goetz were too numerous to save his life.  The death of Sgt Goetz had a serious affect on the health of Cpl Laughlin.  Loss of appetite and severe grief causing Laughlin to lose weight, which he has not recovered.  We are are sending him back to the United States and later on to you (his wife) in hopes that you will be able to erase the grief which is embedded in his torn heart, caused by the sight of seeing his comrades killed in battle.  At the present time his nerves are not shattered but they are on the verge of failing. During his stay with you, do not trouble him with unnecessary worries that are found in civilian life,  such as sickness that you or others may have under gone that you or others may have under gone, financial difficulties etc. 

A great change has come over Cpl Laughlin since the deaths of Sgt Edward D. Goetz and Pfc. Ralph N. Hunter, all killed in action in the parachute invasion of Noemfoor. 

Transferring of the Soldiers Medal: 
Cpl Maurice P. Laughlin has received the permission  to have the Soldiers Medal which was awarded to him when he disregarded his own health in an attempt to save  the life of Sgt E. D. Goetz, who died of wounds incurred in action in Noemfoor Island, in the month of July 1944.  The said medal was transferred in name to Sgt. Goetz and then forwarded to the parents of the Sgt."   

Maj. D. A. Gall


Sgt. Goetz was from 3248 N. 21st, Terre Haute, Indiana.


Information via Michael P. Laughlin





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