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The 503d Heritage Battalion and its website:

Paul Whitman, the webmaster is looking for folks of the 503d Lineage. They can be men or women who have formerly served with any of the 503d units, in any campaign - WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan  - or even Zone of the Interior. They can be family members of anyone who has served in a 503d Lineage unit.  And they can be anyone who shares in the purposes to which this website is now committed.

In a little while, all too early, the 503d PRCT Association of WWII Inc will cease to be. What's to happen then? 

We will then be ready to carry on, that's what!



The Pacific War Museum

Thanks to Sandi and Ed Kubicek, who visited the museum, I am in contact with the museum!  As soon as I figure out how to scan the information that has been sent by various members of the 503rd, I will be sending a package to the museum.  If anyone has 503rd memorabilia or artifacts to donate to the museum, please send them to me.   You may recall that its 2009 meeting, the 503rd voted to donate the banners, flags and memorabilia to the Pacific War Museum.



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