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Company "E", 503d Prcht Inf. commenced life as Company "A", 501st Parachute Battalion. Being the first Company from the first Parachute Battalion formed, and containing a core number of men of the Test Platoon, it very much retained that proud entitlement - a characteristic which was to make it all the more difficult when it became necessary to meld it into a Regiment.


This History of "E" Company thus commences with the History of Company "A", 501st Parachute Battalion.


After Corregidor, Lt. Abbott was ordered by Capt. Hill to rewrite a number of documents that were considered unsatisfactory, inadequate or inaccurate. From the state of the original document,  this transcription may have been one of those 'original' drafts. In any event, care should be taken in reliance upon it.






9 November 1940







1 Jan 1942



9 November 1940

The Company was activated as "A" Co. 5O1et Prcht Bn. at Fort Banning, Georgia. Activation strength: 1 Officer and 9 enlisted men. The largest percentage of personell originated from the 29th Inf. 2nd Lt Duke assumed Command.



13 November 1940

2nd Lt. John B. O'Connell assigned and assumed command.



18 March 1941

Capt Haugen assigned and assumed command.



16 April 1941

Capt Higgins assumed command.



6 May 1941

Capt Micheals assumed command.



1 August 1941

Capt Haltin assumed command.



5 Sept 1941

Company entrained and left Fort Benning Georgia.



6 Sept 1941

Arrived Fort Maultrie, South Carolina.



8 Sept 1941

Left Fort Maultrie, South Carolina and arrived at Charleston, South Carolina. Company embarked on U.S.A.T. SIBONEY from Charleston, South Carolina. Company strength:
112 EM 7 Officers.



12 Sept 1941

Arrived Cristobal, Canal Zone 0600 hr.



13 Sept 1941

Moved through Panama Canal to Balboa, Canal Zone, disembarked and arrived at Fort Kobbee, Canal Zone.



7 Dec 1941

Company assumed outpost duty at Venada Beach and mannned A A positions on Huwand Field, Canal Zone.


1 Feb 1942



19 Jan 1942

1st Lt Eugene Padget assumed command.





5 Feb 1942

Company moved to La Chorrina Republic of Panama for


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