Louis G. Aiken, Sr.


You know, it's hard for an old soldier to forget,
and sometimes at night as I lie on my bed,
I think of old buddies, some living and some dead.
I wonder if our fight for freedom was for a just and noble cause,
If our heartaches and suffering were really worth it all;
Then in the distance, I seem to hear a heavenly bugle blow,
And at that moment - there is no doubt in my mind for I know,
if God were to call us all together again and raise our flag on high,
Not one would back down in his fight for freedom,
we'd just have a new battle cry;
Those from among the living and those from within the grave,
Would all join together and cry out, "Better dead than slave!"
Sometimes as I sit and wonder and think of the wars
we have fought at home and in distant lands,
I think of the men who fought these wars for freedom and
how it affected each and every man.
They weren't all destined to be National Heroes,
nor was it intended that it be that way;
But each of them ho faced an enemy in mortal combat recognized,
that the supreme sacrifice could be required of him on any given day;
There are some in our country who say that all of this
has been foolish, and who am I to disagree?
However, this question I would like to pose;
had not these men been willing to sacrifice,
would this great Country have ever been or,
still be the land of the free?


 Louis G. Aiken Snr.
Plt Sgt.
Co. 'B' 503 Prcht. Inf.


Footnote: A Combat Soldier is a unique and unselfish individual, otherwise he could not and would not subject himself to such vigorous training and sometimes demeaning tasks in order to qualify himself to die if necessary for the freedom of his fellow man.  I salute the many who have died and the many who have been crippled and maimed physically and psychologically. They have suffered these things so that otjers may enjoy the realities of freedom.