SARAVIA, Negros Is.

Accounts of the move of the 2nd and 3rd battalions of the 503d PRCT from Mindoro to Negros do not agree. According to the 503d Historical Report (Operations) the RCT was alerted 25 March 1945 for a probable jump at Alicante Airfield, Negros Island in order to seize and secure the town of Saravia (on the northwestern end of the island) and link up with the 185th Infantry RCT (40th Div) in the vicinity of the Imbang River Bridge. The 3rd Bn. was scheduled to jump at 0900 and the 2nd Bn. at 1200.

 The 503d RCT Historical Report (Operational) states that after F.O. #10 was issued 5 April 1945, the jump was canceled on that same day because the enemy was not defending the coastal regions. The movement of the RCT, less the 1st Bn., C Btry and elements of D Btry, 462nd PFA (which were to remain on Mindoro as reserves) began on 6 April and was completed on 7 April.

The units were flown by C-46's to Iloilo City, Panay Island (to the west of Negros) and then crossed the straits to Pulupanadan, Negros by LCI's. The 503d RCT was now under command of Major General Rapp Brush, commanding general of the 40th Infantry Division.

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