Bill Calhoun





Some suspicion old warriors like to meet

To dwell on old bloody war stories.

Of course past experiences are often told,

But not to brag of their great glories.


They delight in seeing their brothers all,

Who long ago were welded into a band,

When they dared the grim reaper face to face.

and victoriously came home to our great land.


Those who n're faced life and death experiences,

Are unable to understand those days of strife.

They never grieved over loss of dearest friends,

Or worried about their brothers' chance of life.


As a family we dearly treasure those moments,

We share in fleeting hours of visitation.

And then anxiously await the next reunion

To slowly come again for further conversation.


Of one thing you may be certainly sure,

We will n'er forget brothers left behind.

Even though our joy seemingly knows no bounds,

They are sacred trusts forever in our minds.


So, given that we come from a different time,

When we were praised for saving the world alone,

Please, bear with us a few more years.

We'll soon pass on and your concerns will be gone.

� 2002 William T. Calhoun