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Corregidor Then and Now

503d PRCT Heritage Bn.

Rock Force

Coast Artillery Manila & Subic Bays


4th Marines on Corregidor


Bless 'Em All


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Concrete Battleship

Battle of Manila

Fall of the Philippines


We have obtained permissions to reprint many materials which, though elsewhere on the net, you may not know where to locate.  We also contain a lot of unique content which is not available elsewhere -- unless they stole it from us. 

Secondly, our navigation isn't always intuitive - we're like the airlines - our sites are like airline hubs, and so there's not always direct links available.

Thirdly, I hide things, to reward the persistent reader. Benefits accrue in accordance with the depth of your digging.  So don't worry about getting lost, you might find something special. 

Fourthly, our sites are a graphically rich environment and I make no apologies for pages which load slowly.


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Doing sites to keep up with the multiplicity of browsers and programming languages is something which large companies do well.  Not every Internet Browser handles FP/JAVA language equally.  And WTF is HTML5 Compatibility? The website was developed using Microsoft FrontPage, and Expression Web - some features will not display identically using other browsers.   Presently,  all I can say is "Tough titty!"




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I promote the values espoused by the WWII combat veterans who have assisted me through the years. This means that the website is funded mostly by me.  Corregidor is an overlooked battlefield and if you think there's profit in this, you're a complete idiot and I'd rather not have anything to do with you.  Sorry, donations are not tax deductible. ( If you want us to have a tax-exempt status,  help us make it so.)

To those people who have contributed, in time, talent, interviews, images or funds, the combat veterans and I thank you.


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