Weapons Licensing Branch caught falsifying their own records – and maybe yours too!

We all know that WLB are the first to throw the book at you if you get something wrong with your paperwork.   It's Devil's Island for you if you so much as spell your own name wrong.

 But what about the state of THEIR records? So who is to throw the book at WLB when they breach that obscure bureaucratic commandment, – "Thou shalt not bear false witness," ?

What happens if our Sovereign Lord Protectors decide to concoct a false transaction which places a weapon into YOUR possession? 

 Unlikely?  Well it's all true, except the stuff which will identify the innocent persons in the following transaction.  

Recently, WLB contacted a gentleman gun owner last week,  advising that they were following up on a Form 10 transaction which had occurred more than a year earlier.    The transaction involved, he was told, his acquisition of a Category "R" weapon.

"What  Category "R" weapon?", he enquired.

"The Category "R" weapon that was disposed to you by a Mr. Krupp."  Mr. Krupp is an honest, and therefore obscure Licensed Queensland firearms dealer.

Let's call our gentleman owner Mr. Muggins, shall we?

Well, Mr. Muggins became concerned,  for he had never owned  such a weapon as described.  When he pressed WLB for further information and a copy of the Form 10 perhaps, WLB refused to supply a copy.  However they did confirm that Mr. Muggins name and current address appeared on the Form 10.

This made Mr. Muggins even more alarmed, as his residential address was less than 6 months old.  How could he have lived there when the transaction alleged by the Form 10 was over 12 months old?  

Muggins then rang  Mr. Krupp, who had issued the Form 10.   Mr. Krupp readily confirmed confirmed that:

1.  WLB had contacted him lately, enquiring about a blank portion of a Form 10 concerning a transaction which had occurred more than a year previously;

2.  The dealer advised WLB he could not supply the required information with any degree of certainty or reliability;

3.      No problem, say WLB.  Complete a Form 10 with Mr. Muggins name entered on it as the person to whom the Category "R" was returned.

 4.      But I don't have his details, Mr. Krupp says.  

 5.      No worries, it's Muggins with a double "G", and his Weapons Licence number is xyz and his current address is zyx.

 5.  Oh, and while you're at it, "backdate" the form  to …..(a date more than 12 months ago).

It goes without saying that Mr. Muggins is a credible chap, and never owned the weapon now recorded to him.

What's all this mean?

Well, how serious does it need to be before WLB decides that you, dear reader, are an Enemy of the State? Just the cross of a "T", a dot of an "I", and they'll be on your door with a Search Warrant signed by a JP who still can't be identified…

It will be interesting to see if the same level of self-investigation and self-castigation will be suffered within the hallowed halls of WLB as was meted out against against two outspoken dealers who were alleged to have falsified their records, including Form 10's.

(26 Sept)

(Let's talk about this..)



The Australian Government does not have the power to make gun laws, for good reason.  The Constitution says so.  Gun laws are under the the jurisdiction of the six states and the two territories. So what's a Federal Government going to do if the states and territories ( being closer to the electorate's wishes)  don't follow its desires in respect of gun laws? It makes gun laws by dressing them up in Customs clothes. It control's imports. It enforces gun laws by targeting individuals in Customs prosecutions.  If you are looking for a practical example of the dishonesty of Governments, then this is one of the best, for it is a lesson in using a valid head of power to develop an unconstitutional outcome. That's an abuse in anyone's language, and an unconstitutional abuse which will fool most of the people most of the time.  Clearly the fight against federal villainy can't be effectively waged by several state-based organizations each following their own agendas?  But what's HACCA's reaction to this? Don't hold your breath!   If HACCA can't accept there's a problem, then they can't take action against it. We should be looking to replace them with a federal organization which does.  Any takers?  (More)


A little canary tells me that there's a group of people meeting this week here in the Smart State with a specific agenda to reduce your ownership of firearms.  No, they're not terrorists - well, not in the way we know them. There is a Police Minister's Conference in Brisbane this Wednesday, and their reported number one item on the agenda is Pump Action and Lever Action Rifles and Hi-Capacity Magazines. The Victorian Governments position is to BAN THE LOT

(29 August)



SOP for the QPS, if they are visiting your house on an operational matter is to get a weapons check from their computer system in order to be forewarned if your house is a weapons capable residence.  Sounds reasonable, until you find out how, in the days of the old analog radios, this allowed anyone with a scanner to locate houses where weapons were being lawfully kept.

Of course, scanning Police frequencies was unlawful but, DUH!

Theoretically, with today's digital radios, this source of SIG-INT is now available only to the Police. 

Bet they never let any law abiding types in on how all those years their loose radio chatter made your residence the target for a professional break-in.

And don't start to wonder why you might have been given special treatment on a routine traffic stop. They are forewarned if you are a registered weapons owner who might well be expected to have a weapon in your car. Be prepared for a full search! 

Say it ain't so, fellows!

(29 August)



The prohibition of alcohol in the USA during the 1930's was a graphic demonstration of this effect. Public wowserism was allowed to dictate laws that forbid the use of alcoholic refreshment. The result was a corrupt and incompetent administration, an explosion in crime creating powerful outlaws and an increase in imbibing. A source of state revenue was lost, along with the control and scrutiny of the liquid being consumed by the public.

The Weapons Act is an exercise in a similar notion, but with the Australian Government  having learned from the experience of the Prohibition Effect to improve its efficiency. Wowserism, a long respected institution in this country, is being extended to every facet of human affairs. Thou shalt not be racist, sexist, bigoted, unfair,  display any quality of human frailty, real or imagined, or own weapons.  The inevitable result is an increase in the proscribed activity, the complexity of the legislation, increased community costs, and the serious erosion of authority as bureaucrats busily interfere more and more in the daily conduct of people who had lived their lives, until recently, with an appropriate respect for due authority.


(28 August)