In the old "cause and effect" set up that we've come to expect from the Weapons Branch, they're having an audit and guess what - you're invited!

You have to admire the patience of the WLB - they have been planning an audit of weapons storage and release the news the day after they make Page 1 of the Courier Mail.  Talk about setting up a 'cause and effect' effect!  Wouldn't be nice if every time they visited for the announced audit, all a bloke's weapons had been moved to temporary storage at a licenced armorer?



Paul Doneman & Michael Wray

      The  Courier Mail (25-10-05)  

LICENSED gun owners will be audited at random in a statewide police crackdown on weapons storage.

The six-month audit, which will be the start of a series of on-site inspections, follows the discovery of a large underground arsenal of banned weapons in north Queensland.

Dr John Di Palma, 53, has been charged after police found a purpose-built under-ground bunker during a two-day operation near Innisfail.

A stockpile of military-style weapons had allegedly been hidden in wall cavities and under the floor of a bunker, vault and shed.

Police said the statewide audit of 152,000 Weapons Act licences would ensure gun owners including those in remote rural areas were meeting their requirements to safely store weapons.

‘Licence holders selected in the audit will be given advance notice of the inspection which will be arranged through local police,” said Weapons Licensing Branch inspector Mike Crowley.

“We are confident that the great majority of licensed firearm owners are already complying with the storage requirements set out in their licence applications.”

Acting Detective Inspector Kerry Johnson of the organised crime investigation unit said that in police raids of organised crime networks in the past six months the most commonly seized illegal weapons were handguns and Tasers, commonly known as stun guns.

He said illegal weapons could be brought through a range of means including the Internet but stressed that a majority of licensed weapons holders were law-abiding citizens.

Dr Di Palma was admitted to hospital on Friday with chest pains shortly after police raided his home and surgery.

He was taken to hospital shortly after police presented him with a search warrant at his Innisfail surgery.

Dr Di Palma will front the Innisfail Magistrate’s Court next month on 46 weapons charges.