This is yet another step towards removing another 'Genuine Reason' for owning a firearm as is required in the  Weapons Act.

If you read the item carefully you will see that a lot has been made against recreational shooting - as usual by minority groups.  By applying the same principle, they can now move towards a ban against hunting all birdlife and feral pests.

Although Crown lands are Public property per se, no shooting is permitted even though most of these lands are remote and uninhabited.  The same goes for State Forest which, contrary to public opinion, are not always forests.  By area, most of these lands under State Forest control are more accurately characterised as scrublands and contain a lot of game, and vermin.

Property owners adjacent to these controlled areas are finding that the Queensland State Government is the state's largest vermin breeder.

Much has been said about State and Federal Governments using gradualism to implement laws and regulations against us.  Our Premier Beattie is quoted on Hansard  in 1996 as saying, that as far as he was concerned "no private person should own a firearm for any reason."

Unfortunately, we can't rely on this being the usual tin whistle political promise.

If we want to continue with our firearms sports and pastimes we have to become a unified group and put our differences we may have had behind us. We need to ignore what we're for, and join on the basis of what we are all against - the loss of our liberty.

This is no time to sit on your hands and say like you did before, "What's it got to do with me, I only shoot pistols, or I don't hunt," or whatever the reason was for your previous apathy.


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 Have you ever seen a billabong so full of duck shit that nothing else can survive in it?  Will those animal loving agitators fight to save the Rabbits?

Chet Nycum
Baltimore, Md.